Election 2015: Get Informed


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By Xpress Magazine Staff

1-2-3 To Replace Ed Lee

A unique coalition of candidates is attempting to take advantage of San Francisco’s ranked-choice voting system.

District 3

A Board of Supervisors race has the potential to tip the balance of power at City Hall.

What the Fuck Does it Mean to be Progressive in this Town?

In this editorial, an Xpress Magazine staffer goes on a journey to define San Francisco’s own brand of progressivism, in a town where everyone seems to already hold progressive values.

Proposition A

Ed Lee’s $310 Million Affordable Housing Bond will be put on the ballot for voters to decide on.

Proposition E

This ballot measure, which aims to provide a more open government, is getting unexpected resistance.

Proposition F

San Francisco’s love-hate relationship with home sharing website Airbnb will be determined with the outcome of this proposition.


San Francisco’s new program to provide green energy to the city could sink or swim depending on the outcome of two ballot propositions.

Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail

Did you miss our June profile on mayoral hopeful Stuart Schuffman? Click the link above to catch up on our mayoral coverage.

Proposition Summaries

Don’t know what the rest of the propositions on the ballot will do this election? Follow our handy guide!

Prop B

Prop C

Prop D

Prop G

Prop H

Prop I

Prop J

Prop K