Lockdown Looks


Shelbie Wayne’s Night Out look.

Our lives have unraveled with the coronavirus and sheltering-in-place. Any and all sense of order we may have had once got thrown out the window into the now more wild wilderness that is the outside world. 

Many of our human interactions are now virtual. Well, significantly more now than before. No matter which way we are perceived, whether through a human eye or a webcam, we are still being perceived. And thus, so are the clothes we wear. It doesn’t matter if people can only see you from your waist up or just your seemingly floating head on a screen, it is arguably more crucial now than ever before to maintain a sense of style. 

Not that there’s anything wrong with lounging about all day in pajama bottoms or no bottoms at all, you do you. But maintaining a sense of style and dressing up for yourself can be a way to reclaim a sense of normalcy of what life was like prior to the coronavirus outbreak. We spoke with several people to see how they’ve been doing, how their style has been doing and to find out what they would wear on their first night out after the shelter-in-place orders end. 

Jerome Tomas’ Daily look.

Jerome Tomas

F: How have you been doing while sheltering in place?

J: “At first I was really panicky, because some roommates took it really hard and I felt like I couldn’t be like that so I felt I needed to be strong, even though I was also panicking too. It took a mental toll on me, but I’m also used to living like this, just being in my own space since I used to spend a lot of time alone. I’ve also been able to make some changes that I’ve been meaning to make. Like, changing my diet to become a vegetarian and I’m also getting back into the groove of working out. Bad at first, a lot better now.”


F: What have you learned or realized while sheltering-in-place?

J: “I’ve been learning how to do nothing. It’s been a great way to come back to myself. I tend to fall into the interests of others, but I’ve also been trying to unlearn that because it’s my life, ya know.”

Jerome Tomas’ Night Out look.

F: What is the significance of your night-out outfit?

J: “At some point during this, there was a time when I started to hate my appearance because I wasn’t able to wear the nicer clothes I have. So being able to wear some heels, put on some makeup and just do some upkeep all feels so empowering. It makes me feel a lot like myself again. There’s an uncomfortableness to presenting feminine but also another part says it’s powerful because it’s a statement.”








Shelbie Wayne’s Everyday look.

Shelbie Wayne

F: How have you been doing while in sheltering-in-place?

S: “It’s definitely been a roller coaster. I’ve noticed I’ve been trying to do new things to stay level headed, like person building things. Take more of a pause and connect with family more, and not just sit in the vibe of the time. I always tell people I’m maintaining.”


F: What have you learned from sheltering-in-place?

S: “That this world all needed this pause to take a critical view of the world we live in, of the systems in place. We are really seeing who these people we’ve been listening to are and more and more people are asking questions to find out what’s really happening.”


F: What is the significance of your night-out outfit?

S: “When the quarantine is lifted, I wanna travel. The top is very tropical and it represents going on a vacation. It gives me summer vacation vibes, traveling and summer. Like, I’m free.” 


Jordan Givens’ Daily look.

Jordan Givens

F: How have you been doing while sheltering-in-place?

J: “I’ve been good, but I’ve had to put more effort into my schedule. Finding ways to keep myself to not just be laying around and being lazy.”

 F: What have you realized or learned while sheltering-in-place?

J: “I realize I do my best when I am on a schedule or when I’m busy. Cause I noticed when all my classes went online, it was more difficult to do work and to not be lazy because I had no motivation to cook healthier or to go out on runs.”


F: What is the significance of your night-out outfit? 

J: “It makes me feel very stylish. Especially from the patterns and the different styles, contrasting with the ripped jeans and a nicer shirt. It makes me feel fun. It just feels like a very fun outfit. Because the shoes are bedazzled and I got my jewels on.”

Jordan Givens’ Night Out look.


Alex Nguyen’s Daily look.

Alex Nguyen

F: How have you been doing while sheltering-in-place?

A: “At first, it was difficult because I had to deal with not seeing my friends anymore. It was also [hard] because of adjusting to health codes that they were trying to enforce, like staying six feet apart and washing our hands. When I go get gas or grocery shopping, I’d have to remind myself to wash my hands and that would give me anxiety. As well as having family members who aren’t serious about the situation, but now more people have a clear understanding of what it is. Now I have a better routine so it’s better now, now I’m getting things done.”


F: What have you realized or learned while sheltering-in-place? 

A: “I realized more [that] society is dumb as fuck. In other words, due to the people who aren’t listening to what needs to be done. And the government should be more proactive than reactive, which is what we need to learn as well. Not even just in health situations, but in life in general. Be proactive to prevent something disastrous from happening.”

Alex Nguyen’s Night Out look.

 F: What is the significance of your night out outfit?  

A: “It makes me feel powerful. Sexy! It shows my assets. I don’t consider myself a flashy person, but I know this outfit makes me stand out. I know it’s not something anyone could wear, it makes me feel more confident, it’s like a boost. I like the way the fabric feels. I also think I could wear it anywhere. Whether it’s going out or to a party. I think it’s a lot to stay home and drink wine, but fuck it, wear whatever you want to wherever you go.”