Written by Mariana Barrera
Photo by Amanda Peterson


From the kimonos to the guys with the guitar, meet the spectrum of people that roam campus

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  • If you could have one dream come true, what would it be?
    “To be able to make a living doing what I love.”
    What’s been your happiest moment here at sf state?
    "I guess I have to pick the cheesy one…winning the talent show at welcome days."
    Sean Thompson, 20. Music Major
  • What is your biggest struggle at the moment?
    “Finding a place to stay in San Francisco, for sure. I’m just couchsurfing with my friends right now.”
    Ross Torres, 23. Philosophy major
  • What do you miss most about Osaka?
    “I miss the food. I don’t feel lonely here because there are a lot of Japanese people and international students.”
    Hiroumi Sano, 18, Business Major
  • What is the happiest moment you’ve had at SFSU?
    “Making a new friend. I’m not very good with social skills and it was difficult for me to make friends.“
    Emi McKenzie, 18, Biophysics Major
  • How long have you been playing?
    “I play at least twice a week. I’ve been doing it since grade school, but just for fun.”
    Adrian Martin,17. Microbiology Major
  • What’s your biggest dream?
    “It would be really awesome if I could be a full time dancer and also be someone people look at as a health coach, for dancers. That would be awesome.”
    Kwadwo Kumi-amankwah, 21, Health Education major
  • “I’m spinning poi, it’s an Polynesian cultural thing that they did I think to train for weapons training and coordination but I do it just for fun. These have led lights so at night you can turn them on. I also spin fire. I’ve synched some of my hair off before, I’ve burned some sections of arm hair off before and got my beard, but I’ve never gotten like seriously burned doing it.“
    Colin Ballou, 24, Earth Science major
  • Why’d you leave SFSU for a semester?
    “I’m kind of broke and kind of needed to get a job and did some traveling, I went to burning man, and went to Mexico."
    Do you feel like you’ve changed at all since you were here?
    “It’s really helping just in terms of finding out what I really want to do, because when you’re in school there’s so much pressure to find the right job.”
    Jakob Chew, 23, Health Education major
  • Pet peeve about students when you’re working at the pub?
    "They’re 21 and they’ve obviously never been in a bar before. I’ve gone from being annoyed to more like, let me help you this is how it’s done in a bar let me show you how you behave. You don’t cry at the bar, you don’t come in here and get crazy, you don’t creep out the girls. It’s like teaching the kids responsibility. I was an older student when I went here, and now I’m not old, but I’m not 21 anymore and you know what? I wish somebody would have helped me along; we’ve all been embarrassed after drinking too much.”
    Matt Cropp, 29, SFSU Alumni, History major
  • What was the best moment of your life?
    “Meeting her, she’s my best friend.”
    (left to right) Khairiah Alrobaidi and Maryam Khan, 18 & 18. Both undeclared majors