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What’s for Lunch?

What's for Lunch?

Hillary Smith

September 18, 2014

Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist, just a student sharing what I found on the SF State campus. You’ve heard it before: “Pack your food, it’s healthier. You’ll save time and money.” But sometimes, it’s not that simple, and packing your food doesn’t automatically mean it’s health...

Human Faces

Human Faces

Xpress Mag Staff

September 26, 2013

Written by Mariana Barrera Photo by Amanda Peterson   From the kimonos to the guys with the guitar, meet the spectrum of people that roam campus [widgetkit id=5083]

The Unseen Side of SF State


April 29, 2011

To the untrained or inattentive observer, the campus of San Francisco State University is just that: a campus. The concrete and stucco of the Cold War era buildings are offset by the almost artificial brilliance of the lawns, reflected by the tinted glass that dominates the school’s new structures. But...

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