The Teardown: The Bi-Weekly Gaming Column


Well, hello there. My name is Michael Leri and I will be writing and making videos every two weeks about video games. But not just any video games. I already do that here.

I am picking the slop of the crop, the crap of the stack, the shit of the… something that rhymes with shit. I will be playing and tearing apart some of the worst games that I can get my hands on, hence the name of the column. None of these games will get scores either because they will pretty much all be terrible piles of street trash that you should not touch.

Playing the good games is easy and, honestly, can get a tad monotonous since singing praises is not the best way to flex the ole noodle. The thing with terrible games is that they are usually bad in all sorts of fascinating ways, giving both the reader and the writer room to explore different concepts.

First up in this column is Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Without spoiling anything, let me just say that it fits the direction of this series perfectly.