Into the Woods Review


Into the Woods intertwines your favorite fairy tales. Image by ArtInsights Magazine.

First, I want to put a full disclaimer that “Into the Woods” is a full-blown musical. A lot of people go into the movie thinking it is just like the rest of Disney’s movies, some music but basically a normal movie. Into the Woods is adapted off of a Broadway play based on multiple Brothers Grimm fairytales.

Now, on to the good stuff. “Into the Woods” takes some of your favorite fairy tales – Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Rapunzel – and intertwines them into something that you have never seen before. It starts off with our favorite characters making a wish, but remember, they’re all singing as they’re wishing, which to me makes it even better. The story then focuses on the baker and his wife not being able to have a child due to a curse that a witch had placed on them.

The Witch explains to the Baker and his Wife that they are to get four items, each which can be obtained from other fairytale characters. With each character the Baker and his Wife meet, you learn their individual back stories, but in a fashion that you haven’t seen before (maybe Cinderella doesn’t want to marry Prince Charming).

As the movie continues the fairytales begin to intertwine more, you begin to learn that not every fairy tale has a happy ending like other Disney movies show. The end of the movie was done beautifully and really makes you think, what are the consequences of wishing for something that you necessarily don’t want? “Into the Woods” really gives you a valuable lesson that although you may really want something, it won’t help you with your current issues and hardships, while family and friendship can help you overcome some of the hardest obstacles in life.

“Into the Woods” featured a star-studded cast, including Meryl Streep as the Witch, Anna Kendrick as Cinderella, Emily Blunt as the Baker’s Wife and Johnny Depp as the Big Bad Wolf. Each song sung told a story into the lives of each character, making the movie even more enticing.

If you aren’t a fan of musicals than I don’t know if this is the movie for you. There is a clear difference between the music from “Into the Woods” and something like Frozen. If musicals and Broadway are things you enjoy, than I guarantee you won’t regret seeing this movie.

For me, this movie was awesome. I am a big fan of musicals and everything Broadway represents, so I was excited going in to see it and it blew my mind. I knew that Disney was good at what they do, especially when it comes to music, but I didn’t expect this. The songs were amazing and really made you feel emotions from happiness to sadness. I loved how the stories intertwined with each other and created a whole new fairy tale that isn’t your typical happily ever after.