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Nicaragua’s First Daughter shares #Metoo Story in New Documentary

Nicaragua’s First Daughter shares #Metoo Story in New Documentary

Paul Kelly

May 11, 2020

Despite the obvious distance imposed by the threat of COVID-19, the words that seemed the ripest on the lips of everyone present in the March 13 Zoom meeting with Zoilamérica Ortega Murillo were those of agradecimento.  Sociologist, former member of the Nicaraguan National Assembly and First Daughter o...

Women in Film

Natasha Sharapova is a woman documentary filmmaker in the Bay Area(Xpress Photographer William Wendelman)

Janae Rodriguez

September 23, 2019

In an industry often dominated by their male counterparts, many Bay Area women are paving a path for themselves via their passion for filmmaking. A 2018 study by San Diego State University found that women only made up 20% of all writers, directors and producers of the year’s top 250 domestic grossing...

Into the Woods Review

Tami Benedict

December 27, 2014

  First, I want to put a full disclaimer that "Into the Woods" is a full-blown musical. A lot of people go into the movie thinking it is just like the rest of Disney's movies, some music but basically a normal movie. Into the Woods is adapted off of a Broadway play based on multiple Brothers Grimm fairytales. Now, on to the good stuf...

America the Beautiful: Blames Media for Sexualizing America’s Youth

America the Beautiful: Blames Media for Sexualizing America's Youth

Jannelle Garcia

November 23, 2014

The porn industry, child beauty pageants, and the media were once again the painted culprits of twisting the younger generation’s view and approach to sex in the premiere of Darryl Roberts' film, America the Beautiful 3: The Sexualization of Our Youth. Darryl Roberts, former radio host and former host of the Chicag...

Do you like to be scared?

Janelle Moncada

October 27, 2014

At this time of year, the level of fear among thrillseekers is heightened as horror movies and haunted houses begin to appear. As Halloween approaches, creatures of the supernatural - like ghosts and rotting zombies - become the fascination of people both young and old. But why? Why do people f...

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

Caty McCarthy

October 22, 2014

Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) is a wild, interesting character study about a “washed-up” actor attempting to revive his career through Broadway. Birdman is best gone into blind, without watching trailers, so if you, dear reader, are intrigued by t...

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