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Black Panther & Cultural Conversation

Black Panther & Cultural Conversation

Zanesha Williams

April 15, 2018

Another superhero movie came out this past month. That’s where we are at now. Marvel movies are becoming as essential to American culture as the Super Bowl or the Olympics; we all have to see them. Except Black Panther was more than just another Marvel film. Black Panther is a platform for black artists an...

Into the Woods Review

Tami Benedict

December 27, 2014

  First, I want to put a full disclaimer that "Into the Woods" is a full-blown musical. A lot of people go into the movie thinking it is just like the rest of Disney's movies, some music but basically a normal movie. Into the Woods is adapted off of a Broadway play based on multiple Brothers Grimm fairytales. Now, on to the good stuf...

The Room With A View

The Room With A View

Agnes Mogstad

December 9, 2013

Written by Jake Montero Photos by Virginia Tieman When I arrive early he is already there. I’m no longer struck by his unique appearance, probably because we’ve met before, but mostly because of the many hours I’ve spent watching him; incapable of averting my eyes, focused on his eve...

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