Now Kourtney Kardashian is trying to break the internet

Kourtney Karadashian poses for DeJour magazine. Photo by Brian Bowen Smith
Kourtney Karadashian poses for DeJour magazine. Photo by Brian Bowen Smith

A pregnant and almost naked Kourtney Kardashian graced our computer screens today as word broke that the oldest Kardashian had posed nude for DuJour magazine. Now as we all remember, Kim Karadashian posed nude for PAPER Magazine last month, but Kourtney did not take it as far as Kim.

Reports say that Kourtney was naked, but she actually only shows nipple in one photo. In the other photos, her breast and other private regions are covered. The online nudity that you see from Kourtney is her bare stomach, which looks as if it is going to pop, and her legs. The photo is far from naked.

Kourtney said in her interview “What appeals to me is celebrating the shape of my body being pregnant and capturing that time in my life. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to show my children these photographs one day and say, ‘This was you inside.'” She added that if she was not pregnant she would not have done a naked photo-shoot.

Kourtney’s pictures were, for the most part, tastefully taken but I would not call them nude photos. There is clothing or jewelry covering her, unlike in Kim’s when she dropped her dress and let the whole world see everything. I am not condemning Kourtney for being partially covered, but I was expecting a picture more like Kim’s and less like what you see on People Magazine with celebrities covering their breasts or holding their pregnant bellies.

Good for Kourtney though, enjoying and embracing her pregnant body enough to strip down and bare most of it for our prying eyes.