Sharing Economy Apps

Jannelle Garcia May 15, 2015

The new sharing economy that took rise in the mid 2000’s has introduced people to the concept of gaining goods, housing, and services through exchange instead of spending money. According to a 2014...

How to Avoid Getting Sick During Finals

Jannelle Garcia May 14, 2015

It's the last week of classes before finals and students' schedules are filled to the max. With nights set aside to study and pump out final papers, the last thing someone needs the day before the big...

Whats up with Bae?

What’s up with Bae?

Jannelle Garcia April 29, 2015

Photo courtesy of karljonsson via Flickr New trend words are a continual cycle, with no real questions about how they became popular, and what they actually mean. In the 90's there was "da bomb,"...

Where are your clothes made?

Jannelle Garcia April 16, 2015

One of the garments from "The Label Doesn't Tell The Whole Story" campaign, created by RethinkCanada and The Canadian Fair Trade Network.   As people browse through the clothing racks at...

Oakland Opportunity: Chapter 510

Oakland Opportunity: Chapter 510

Jannelle Garcia April 4, 2015

Margaret Miller has been working as a volunteer and site coordinator at Chapter 510, an Oakland literacy and writing project, for the past year. Photo by Kate Nevé   A group of 10th grade students...

Y Generation: Afraid of dating?

Y Generation: Afraid of dating?

Jannelle Garcia March 2, 2015

Artwork by Alec Fernandes/Xpress Magazine The comments above are just some of the many posts on the new matchmaking website, “We Met on the N” , created by Alex Lee at the beginning of February....

Free Muni helps seniors and disabled

Jannelle Garcia February 17, 2015

Starting March 1, 67-year-old Joyce Calagos and all San Francisco seniors and disabled citizens will no longer be required to pay 75 cents for Muni fare. The SFMTA board unanimously voted for the...

The last mural standing

The last mural standing

Jannelle Garcia December 11, 2014

Culture contains the seed of resistance.  Latin music floated down the street, artists painted on wooden fences, and over one hundred people stopped to admire the vivid, aged, and descriptive murals...

Q&A with Creative Action Network co-founder Max Slavkin

Jannelle Garcia December 4, 2014

Max Slavkin, twenty-seven and an LA native, is the co-founder of the small startup Creative Action Network. The startup is a website that runs a crowdsourced campaign and sells prints, apparel, and...

America the Beautiful: Blames Media for Sexualizing Americas Youth

America the Beautiful: Blames Media for Sexualizing America’s Youth

Jannelle Garcia November 23, 2014

The porn industry, child beauty pageants, and the media were once again the painted culprits of twisting the younger generation’s view and approach to sex in the premiere of Darryl Roberts' film, America...

28/28L 19th Avenue changes at the expense of others

Jannelle Garcia November 18, 2014

Disapproval of the new bus route was made clear by community members at the Muni Forward 28/28L19th Ave Rapid Project open house, at Mercy High School on Thursday, November 6th. A total of fifty-one...

Effect of Caffeine overload and addiction

Jannelle Garcia November 10, 2014

Caffeine and college students are two nouns that are often associated with one another. During midterms and finals, ordering the extra cup of French Roast or nursing another mug of Earl Grey in order to...

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