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Women in Film

Natasha Sharapova is a woman documentary filmmaker in the Bay Area(Xpress Photographer William Wendelman)

Janae Rodriguez

September 23, 2019

In an industry often dominated by their male counterparts, many Bay Area women are paving a path for themselves via their passion for filmmaking. A 2018 study by San Diego State University found that women only made up 20% of all writers, directors and producers of the year’s top 250 domestic grossing...

Through the Cracks in the Groove

Through the Cracks in the Groove

Lupita Uribe

November 2, 2015

Photo by James Chan By Lupita Uribe [dropcap size="50px"]W[/dropcap]hen you hear the words “record label,” San Francisco is not the first city that comes to mind --possibly because the commercial record labels are located in the southern region of our golden state. Though San Francisco has n...

Marriage equality supporters share testimonials on the historic Supreme Court ruling

Marriage equality supporters share testimonials on the historic Supreme Court ruling

Drake Newkirk

July 2, 2015

A historic and emotional Supreme Court decision took place June 26, 2015 that swept the country and legalized gay marriage in all 50 states. The ruling coincided with the annual Pride weekend celebration which brought thousands of supporters to San Francisco, which has been a bastion for members of the...

Inside the tiny house movement

Future tiny house builder, Alain Despatie stands on his trailer where his tiny home will be built in West Oakland. (Katie Lewellyn)

Lissette Vargas

May 15, 2015

Future tiny house builder, Alain Despatie stands on his trailer where his tiny home will be built in West Oakland. Photo by Katie Lewellyn A worn-down barn with chipped white paint serves as the backdrop while Alain Despatie struggles to stay balanced on his tiny two-legged folding chair. He points ...

May’s Bay Area Art Shows

Image courtesy of Ryan  Whelan.

Derek Macario

May 1, 2015

Image courtesy of Ryan Whelan Events start this weekend: Friday, May 1: Having Fun by Ryan Whelan at Farley's East. 5-9pm, 33 Grand Avenue, Oakland. RSVP here. Friday, May 1: Golden by Sarah Deragon at Rare Device. 6-9p, 600 Divisadero Street, San Francisco. RSVP here. Friday, May 1: 'Grow a Pair! Ovaries...

The Man With the Neon Crown

The Man With the Neon Crown

Meira Gebel

April 27, 2015

Jim Rizzo of Neon Sign Works shows his collection of signs he has hung up in his shop in Oakland, Calif., Monday, March 16. Photo by Daniel E. Porter. His name may never be in lights, but he will always be the man who makes the light. No, Jim Rizzo, the craftsman behind Neon Works, isn’t any sort...

April’s Bay Area Art Shows

Image courtesy of Good Mother gallery

Derek Macario

April 10, 2015

Image courtesy of Good Mother gallery Events start this weekend: Saturday, April 11 - Channing Morgan: Off The Surface Curated by: Patricia Cariño at Burnt Oak Gallery. 2pm, 306 15th St, Oakland. RSVP here. Saturday, April 11 - Dystopia Toyland by Peter Adamyan at Good Mother gallery...

How does the port strike actually affect us?

Tami Benedict

February 21, 2015

If you've been somewhat paying attention to the news, you know that the west coast ports, yes even the one in Oakland, are currently on strike and it doesn't seem likely that it will end anytime soon. Currently, the ports are congested with backed up vessels waiting to be unloaded and taken to thei...

The Perfect Fit

Tami Benedict

February 9, 2015

SF State alumni, Jackelyn Ho, has an insane schedule for someone who has already graduated college. When she is not at Crunch Fitness training people to get the body of their dreams, she is sitting at her house or Starbucks, running the magazine Fiterazzi, which she created with her sister, Cassey ...

February’s Bay Area art shows

Derek Macario

February 6, 2015

Events start this weekend: Friday, February 6 - "Packrat's Paradise" by Tim the Optimist at Le QuiVive. 7pm, 1525 Webster Street, Oakland. RSVP here. Friday, February 6 - "Portraits of Strangers, Someones, and Nobodies" group show at 111 Minna. 5pm-late, 111 Minna Street, San Francisco. RSVP...

Art for Profit

Chantel Genest

December 19, 2014

http://youtu.be/UEVqRgNUqTg As he works on a large scale, lavish mural project on the blight-ridden streets of West Oakland, artist Joshua Mays is approached by a local business owner. The middle-aged owner of one of the over forty liquor stores in the neighborhood asks Mays if he would be available...

One in a Million: A day in the life of student activist, Brittany Moore

Xpress Mag Staff

December 17, 2014

Words and Photos by Sara Gobets While many students are locking themselves in their rooms or living in the library until finals are over, SF State student Brittany Moore is using study breaks to take to the street and continue her work as a student activist. Moore currently holds a 4.0 GPA in her...

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