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The Muni Diaries: When Art Imitates Life

The Muni Diaries: When Art Imitates Life

Angelica Jimenez

May 30, 2017

“I have seen some shit on Muni,” he pauses as they begin to clap. “Like, I have seen some literal poo on Muni.” The room echoes with laughter, and it’s almost as if the temperature rises as the audience howls. Many share agreeable stares with neighboring show-goers in the midst of their chu...

Gators pledge support for discounted transit passes

Tami Benedict

April 13, 2015

A new campaign has surfaced to help support commuting students who attend SF State, the purpose of the campaign is to make transit accessible and affordable. SF State is known widely as a commuter campus, with only about 10 percent of its students living on campus. With BART announcing a $.10 to $.15 c...

Free Muni helps seniors and disabled

Jannelle Garcia

February 17, 2015

Starting March 1, 67-year-old Joyce Calagos and all San Francisco seniors and disabled citizens will no longer be required to pay 75 cents for Muni fare. The SFMTA board unanimously voted for the Free Muni For Seniors and People With Disabilities proposal on January 20. Calagos, a San Francisc...

SF State gets a new ride

Olympia Zampathas

January 23, 2015

SF State has announced that there is a new fleet of shuttle buses to take the place of its old fleet. The new grouping of vehicles are said to be better for the environment, faster boarding, and are roomier to boot. They're nearly the size of a Muni bus typically used for the 28 line. "Coming Monday: SF...

28/28L 19th Avenue changes at the expense of others

Jannelle Garcia

November 18, 2014

Disapproval of the new bus route was made clear by community members at the Muni Forward 28/28L19th Ave Rapid Project open house, at Mercy High School on Thursday, November 6th. A total of fifty-one proposed changes are in the new route, with eight stop removals, eight stop relocations, three loca...

Seven things all freshmen should know

Anais Fuentes

October 6, 2014

  Hi, I am Anais Fuentes.  I will be graduating in December (FINALLY) and  feel like I should share some of the knowledge I have acquired throughout my years here at SF State. Here are seven tips I wish I would have known going in to college.   Get to know your professors. ...

Be aware of the new Muni fare

Olympia Zampathas

September 9, 2014

Written by Olympia Zampathas For all of you students who were already pinching pennies, thanks to their barely affordable lifestyle San Francisco allows, you might want to start saving your quarters as well. As of September 1st, bus fare prices for Muni have been raised, courtesy of the San Franc...

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