Gators pledge support for discounted transit passes

A new campaign has surfaced to help support commuting students who attend SF State, the purpose of the campaign is to make transit accessible and affordable. SF State is known widely as a commuter campus, with only about 10 percent of its students living on campus.

With BART announcing a $.10 to $.15 cent increase next year and many SF State students taking Muni to campus, the “GatorPass” has gained support fast, currently having over 500+ pledges and being shared frequently across Twitter, even being re-tweeted by SF State’s President Leslie Wong. The GatorPass would be paid for by student fees and other funding.

Supporters of the campaign include San Francisco District 8 Supervisor Scott Weiner, BART Director Nicholas Josefowitz, Congresswoman Jackie Speier, SFSU President Les Wong, the San Francisco Transit Riders Union, and San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee.

Many took to Twitter to show their support of the GatorPass:

Reactions to GatorPass on Twitter.

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