Seven things all freshmen should know

Photo under  Creative Commons by rafael-castillo
Photo under Creative Commons by rafael-castillo


Hi, I am Anais Fuentes.  I will be graduating in December (FINALLY) and  feel like I should share some of the knowledge I have acquired throughout my years here at SF State. Here are seven tips I wish I would have known going in to college.


  1. Get to know your professors.

-Trust me, professors do not bite. In fact, the more questions you ask, the more you meet them at their office hours, and the more you talk to them after class, the easier the semester will be for you.


  1. Download the NextBus and Routesy apps

-No more waiting endlessly for the bus every morning. Once you download these apps, you can sleep in little longer and actually have time to eat breakfast in the morning; both of these apps provide information on Muni and BART times, making your morning compute much easier.


  1. $1 Monday nights at El Rio.

-Most of you probably are not even twenty-one yet, but this tip is for your future selves. Every Monday, El Rio, located in the Mission district, serves one dollar Tecates and three dollar well drinks. Basically the best deal ever and a great way to blow off some of the stress college supplies. You are welcome.


  1. Get a Clipper Card. (If you take public transportation)

-Trust me, I did not get one until my senior year, and after three hundred dollars in Muni fines, I decided it was time. It is totally worth it. No more freaking the fuck out every time a ticket inspector walks into the bus, because BAM – you can whip out your Clipper card.


  1. There is a campus Pub.

-Yep, located right in the heart of the Cesar Chavez Center. When you turn twenty-one, you can chill out and get a beer after your three-hour class, or before it, or during. Whenever.


  1. Get a student ID

-I did not know how or where to get a student ID OneCard until a couple of years into college and once I found out I got one every year. First of all, it is FREE so why not? Also, you can get student discounts with that card. All you have to do is go down to the OneStop Student Services building and get your picture taken.


  1. Do not buy textbooks before the semester starts.

– I made this mistake one too many times. I thought that I would be all prepared for the semester and get my books ahead of time, but that turned out to be a horrible idea. Many times, the books would just sit around on my desk for the whole semester collecting dust because the professor decided not to use them or I later realized the book is available for free online. So yeah, do not be an overachiever and get your books ahead of time because you will regret it.