Athletic Performance: Whats weed got to do with it?

Athletic Performance: What’s weed got to do with it?

“I just love weed man!” said former NCAA college athlete Nate Jacob.  Like many other college athletes, Jacob was once part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association at his school. The NCAA,...

Recovery through sport: Aaron McMihelk, USMC

Recovery through sport: Aaron McMihelk, USMC

Video by William Wendelman February 26, 2020

Aaron McMihelk is a retired Marine who was paralyzed during basic training due to an allergic reaction to the immunizations he received entering boot camp. Aaron fought his way through depression and physical...

A Slice of Sports with Liz Carranza: Women in Sports Journalism

A Slice of Sports with Liz Carranza: Women in Sports Journalism

Liz Carranza October 17, 2015

Photo by Martin Bustamante   By Liz Carranza Back in March I visited New York for the Society for Collegiate Journalists Conference, where journalism programs from around the nation gathered...

A Slice of Sports with Liz Carranza: Football is back, baby!

A Slice of Sports with Liz Carranza: Football is back, baby!

Liz Carranza September 18, 2015

It’s that time of year when all I hear is ESPN Sportscenter’s “dah dah dah, dah dah dah” theme song jingle from my cellphone at the most random times of the day.    It’s the best time of...

A Moot Point

Katie Mullen December 21, 2014

For a soccer player, the field is their safe place. It is where they go to blow off steam and forget about the real world for any amount of time possible. There have been tears left in the grass, blood...

Gators hockey driven by passion despite struggles

Danielle Parenteau December 20, 2014

The SF State Gators ice hockey team was born out of a passion for the sport. As one of the school's twelve club sports, it was organized last year by students who wanted to play so much they created...


Tami Benedict October 29, 2014

Through trials and tribulations, through blood and tears, the Giants and their fans have waited for this moment all season long. Through amazing wins and tough losses, the Giants have worked towards...

A Giant celebration

Katie Mullen October 29, 2014

It is a sad reality that because the city of San Francisco has a team competing in the World Series of Baseball they have to think up new ways to control fans. A victory could lead to rowdy celebrations...

Quest for Three: Giants will see Game Seven

Tami Benedict October 28, 2014

Hopes were high and fans were on the edge of their seats as the Giants faced the Royals today in game six of the World Series. If the Giants could pull it out today and get a win, then they would be...

Quest for Three: Giants headed to Kansas City with the Lead

Tami Benedict October 26, 2014

Giant's ace Madison Bumgarner was on the mound tonight to inch the Giants one step closer to a World Series win. Bumgarner dominated at pitching, giving the Giants a 5-0 win over the Royals. The Giants...

Quest for Three: Giants own Game 4

Tami Benedict October 25, 2014

Game 4 of the World Series wholeheartedly belonged to the Giants. After a crazy first couple innings, the Giants surged forward and never looked back. The Giants beat the Royals 11-4 and tied the World...

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