The Giants are your 2014 World Series Champions! Photo by Katie Lewellyn/Xpress Magazine
The Giants are your 2014 World Series Champions! (Katie Lewellyn/Xpress Magazine)

Through trials and tribulations, through blood and tears, the Giants and their fans have waited for this moment all season long. Through amazing wins and tough losses, the Giants have worked towards this one game, Game 7 of the World Series, a make it or break it game. After tonight, only one team will go home a winner. The Giants defied the odds, being the underdogs from Game 1 with the Pirates, they proved they are a force to be reckon with and tonight they are your 2014 World Series Champions. The Giants beat the Royals 3-2 in the last game of the season.

Tim Hudson has waited 39 years for this moment, a moment that not many pitchers get to see, an opportunity to pitch in the World Series. Although Hudson only pitched 1.2 innings, he had three hits, one ball, one strikeout and two runs. He was able to pitch a flawless first inning which led the Giants into their second inning rally. Jeremy Affeldt came in to relieve Hudson in the second and pitched 2.1 innings with only one hit, no walks, and no walks. Affeldt now has 23  1/3 scoreless postseason innings, a record that goes back to the 2010 World Series. Affeldt got the win for the Giants, and even teared up in his post game interview.

With Hudson and Affeldt holding the Royals to only two runs, they allowed Madison Bumgarner enough time to rest and enter the game. Being one of the best World Series pitchers, Bumgarner pitched an amazing five innings with only two hits, no runs, no balls.

The Giants got their rally started early when Pablo Sandoval was hit by a pitch in the second inning and became a lead-off runner. With Sandoval and Pence on, Micheal Morse hit a sacrifice fly ball to right field, scoring Sandoval. Brandon Crawford followed Morse’s lead and hit another sac-fly to center field, allowing Pence to score. The Giants were the first to score in the second, leading 2-0.

With the game tied in the fourth, the Giants knew they had to score more runs. With Sandoval and Pence on base again, Morse singled on a line drive to right field, scoring Sandoval and giving the Giants the lead once again, 3-0. During the third inning, Joe Panik made a beautiful, diving, belt breaking double play. After catching the ball and belly flopping onto the ground, Panik was able to flip the ball to Crawford, without taking the ball out of his met, and get a play at second. After Crawford threw to first, the play was initially ruled safe but Bochy called a review and found that Panik got the double play.

Madison Bumgarner is your 2014 World Series Most Valuable Player. Bumgarner pitched 52.2 IP, with 45 SO, 28 Hits, 6 BB, 6 ER 1.025 ERA, 0.65 WHIP, and a 5-1 record, 3-0 in World Series.

The Giants won their quest for three, getting their third World Series victory in five years.