Quest for Three: Giants will see Game Seven

The Giants couldn't hold onto the lead and will face the Royals in Game 7. Photo by Katie Lewellyn.
The Giants could not hold onto the lead and will face the Royals in Game 7. (Katie Lewellyn/ Xpress Magazine)

Hopes were high and fans were on the edge of their seats as the Giants faced the Royals today in game six of the World Series. If the Giants could pull it out today and get a win, then they would be the 2014 World Series Champions. Sadly, the Giants could not hang on and showed this series would be getting the best of them. The Giants lost 10-0 tonight against the Kansas City Royals and will play a make it or break it game seven, the last game of the World Series.

Jake Peavy took the mound for the Giants and early on you could tell that Peavy was not in a good place. Peavy only lasted one and a third inning, giving up six hits, one ball, one strikeout, and five earned runs. Peavy was taken out of the game in the second inning with bases loaded, being replaced with post season stud Yusmerio Petit. With bases loaded, Petit was not able to defuse the situation, adding two more runs for the Royals.

With the Royals leading 7-0, Jean Machi entered the game but the Royals did not let up and scored another two. With a 9-0 lead, things looked bleak for the Giants. Hunter Strickland tried to relieve some pressure off of the Giants bullpen and in typical Strickland pitching, the Royals were able to hit a home run off him, extending their lead 10-0. Ryan Vogelsong came in to end the game for the Giants, a weird time for him to pitch but in Bruce Bochy’s mind, a perfect time.

To get a look into Bochy’s mind this is what he did. After having such a big deficit in runs, it was pretty evident that the Giants were going to play tomorrow. Instead of using his relievers and trying to stop the Royals from scoring, he save his best pitchers for tomorrow to help get the win. Knowing the Strickland and Vogelsong will not be used tomorrow, he was able to use them today to get the Giants through the game and onto tomorrow.

The Giants looked off today, not only in pitching but in defense and offense as well. The Giants could not score a single run in today’s game and only a few of them were able to reach base. The Giants more than once left runners in scoring position and just did not look like their normal selves. Costly mistakes helped the Royals get the win today. In the second inning, Brandon Belt caught a ground ball and instead of seeing the signal and throwing to home, he fumbled around and tried to make a play at first but was too late to get the runner out.

Posey went 0-3, Sandoval was 1-3, Pence was 1-4, and Belt was 1-4. Knowing that the game was over, Andrew Susac, Joaquin Arias, Matt Duffy, and Juan Perez entered the game to try and give the Giants starters a little rest and prepare them for tomorrow’s game.

The Giants will play game seven tomorrow in Kansas City in the final game of the World Series. Tim Hudson will be on the mound and do not be surprised if Madison Bumgarner makes an appearance also, leading the Giants in their quest for their third World Series win. Tomorrow will be an exciting, fun, and heart-wrenching game.