Follow the Food Runners

Written by Lissette Alvarez

This map chronicles some of Food Runners’ primary locations they would pick up and drop off their food items. The map also pinpoints the agencies receiving the food from SoMa to the Embarcadero area.

According to the Food Runners’ site, their organization is a focal point where food donors, volunteers and recipients connect with their community.  Mary Risley, who founded the organization believes that people who like to cook are generous, and they like to see others being fed.

She also said the volunteers who pick up and deliver the food have an immediate sense of helping others at the most fundamental level–the recipients have tangible proof that their fellow San Franciscans really care.

1. Food runners
2579 Washington St.
Food Runners has over 200 volunteers, and more than 250 restaurants and other businesses regularly donate perishable food.

2. Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market 1 Ferry Bldg. Set 260
Some of the booths from farmer’s market have donated their products to Food Runners in the last 10 to 15 years. The organization receives most of their organic products, including breads, produce, and pastas, from them.

3. Trader Joe’s 555 9th ST. S.
This Trader Joe’s has collaborated with Food Runners for about five years now. The organization would receive food from all departments.

4. Twitter: 795 Folsom St.

This company is one of the few corporate cafeterias that donate to Food Runners. For eight months, they had given them prepared items such as spaghetti and salads.

5. Kara’s Cupcakes 3249 Scott St.
Kara’s Cupcakes, which had been one of Food Runners’s donors for over two years, sources local organic ingredients.

6. St. Martin de Porres 225 Potrero Ave.
St. Martin, a Catholic soup kitchen, has been Food Runners’ recipient since 1994. Their mission is to serve in the spirit of compassion — feeding and housing those in need.

7. Woh Hei Yuen 922 Jackson St.
Food Runners had recently began serving Woh Hei Yuen in February. Established in 1993, the recreation center serves both adults and children offering activities such as cooking and homework assistance.

8. Lutheran Social Services, 290 8th St.
LSS, which had been active since 1967, helps thousands of individuals with acute needs, including the young families and the elderly They had been the food program’s recipient since 1988.

9. St. Gregory 500 De Haro St.
Every Friday, this organization gives away free groceries to hundreds hungry people. The Food Pantry, one of Food Runners’ recipients for eight years, is currently serving over 1,000 families.