From me to you, love notes to the city

Shannon Weber is changing the world, one love note at a time. And she’s starting with San Francisco.

As a mother of three, it all started with notes to her kids, expressing her love and appreciation for them. Shortly after, it turned into a passion when she started painting love notes in public places all throughout the city.

Now, four years later, Shannon’s notes are seen on chain link fences, wooden planks, and paper signs scattered around the city for people to see. Her mission is to catch people’s eye and hearts with simple yet affirming phrases like, “you are enough” and “i love you too.”

Shannon’s latest project was executed when she was given a grant by The Awesome Foundation to put a love note in every zip code of San Francisco.

She was also commissioned for Dia de los Muertos/The Marigold Project, selected as a Maker Faire 2014 participant, presented at TEDx Encinitas 2014, and had an art installation at Burning Man Center Cafe 2014.

“The first time I put up all these ‘I love you’ signs and they got taken down, I was upset. But then my friend Janna said, ‘people wanted it! Someone’s in love!’ and I thought, oh duh. I mean, I don’t own that piece of wood, I don’t own that fence. Who said it belonged to me?” Said Shannon. “So now, I have no attachment to what happens to the work. But it does amuse me because I wonder… where does it all end up?”

Shannon continues to put up love notes around the city today. So the next time you are comforted by a mysterious love note on the side of a fence, it is safe to say you have Shannon to thank.