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Seeing rainbows through the storm

A lone runner jogs past a large rainbow near Haight St.

Story and photos by Andrea Williams

April 14, 2020

As the world attempts to cope with a global pandemic and many countries enforce social distancing, it is easy to feel hopeless and alone. But in the midst of it all, people are choosing to share messages of peace, love and hope- through the safety of their windows. Images of painted rainbows with...

Cosmic Caveman

Pictured is Brett Vanhorn reaching across the canvas to pick up a side to allow the paint to drip in the direction he wants.
Photographed on February 18, 2020 in San Francisco, Calif. (Maddison October / Xpress Magazine)

Story by Ryce Stoughtenborough and Photos by Maddison October

February 24, 2020

Brett Vanhorn was sitting in his Honda Fit Sport on the corner of Castro and 18th Street. He was shoveling globs of peanut butter into his mouth with the help of the handle of a plastic fork. Vanhorn is an artist, and it is not hard to tell from his car. Lilac, yellow and electric green paint smudge...

Inside the ‘Women Are Perfect’ Artist

Inside the 'Women Are Perfect' Artist

Oscar Gutierrez

October 6, 2015

Muralist Jessica Sabogal poses for a portrait in her studio behind La Galeria de Raza in San Francisco’s Mission District Thursday, Sept. 17. (James Chan/ Xpress)   By Oscar Gutierrez [dropcap size="50px"]T[/dropcap]he strong smell of paint escaped through the door of a small room tuck...

May’s Bay Area Art Shows

Image courtesy of Ryan  Whelan.

Derek Macario

May 1, 2015

Image courtesy of Ryan Whelan Events start this weekend: Friday, May 1: Having Fun by Ryan Whelan at Farley's East. 5-9pm, 33 Grand Avenue, Oakland. RSVP here. Friday, May 1: Golden by Sarah Deragon at Rare Device. 6-9p, 600 Divisadero Street, San Francisco. RSVP here. Friday, May 1: 'Grow a Pair! Ovaries...

Revival of an experimental art space

Dena Beard, Executive Director of The Lab, paces through the space in the last hours before the opening of the

Derek Macario

April 29, 2015

Dena Beard, Executive Director of The Lab, paces through the space in the last hours before the opening of the "A Journal of the Plague Year" exhibition on Wednesday, April 1. (Kate Fraser / Xpress Magazine)   While the San Francisco Arts Commission has continued its program of grant dist...

April’s Bay Area Art Shows

Image courtesy of Good Mother gallery

Derek Macario

April 10, 2015

Image courtesy of Good Mother gallery Events start this weekend: Saturday, April 11 - Channing Morgan: Off The Surface Curated by: Patricia Cariño at Burnt Oak Gallery. 2pm, 306 15th St, Oakland. RSVP here. Saturday, April 11 - Dystopia Toyland by Peter Adamyan at Good Mother gallery...

What if Monsters Were Real?

What if Monsters Were Real?

Hillary Smith

March 18, 2015

Photo by Marlene Sanchez  Fear is a black pit, and some dive headfirst. For some, there is comfort in facing the horror and darkness of life. It’s better to acknowledge the fear and discomfort of situations than to pretend there’s nothing wrong. When viewing local artist Alex Pardee’s drawings, there is a sense that something is wrong- horribly ...

Fresh Renaissance Art at San Francisco’s de Young

Credit: National Galleries of Scottland, Sandro Botticelli's 1495 piece.

Colin Blake

March 8, 2015

Featured Image: National Galleries of Scotland's Sandro Botticelli: Virgin Adoring the Sleeping Christ Child (ca. 1490) A collection of rare renaissance art, on loan from the National Galleries of Scotland, is on display at the de Young museum for nearly three months. From March 7 until May 31, the 55...

Social Sketch: A Creative Gathering for Community

Derek Macario

February 17, 2015

Creative gatherings take shape in many different forms, from art exhibitions, workshops, public lectures and readings and so on. For San Francisco-based artists Courtney Cerruti and Mike McConnell they organize Social Sketch, where they invite people to come together, draw, as well as eat and dr...

Downtown Salon Gives Men Free Haircuts

Lana Bowen, owner of Salana Hair Studio in Lower Nob Hill, styling Pedram Afshar's new mohawk at the free hair cuts event on Thursday, Feb. 5th, Photo by Zhenya Sokolova

Naomi Rachel Outlaw

February 12, 2015

Lana Bowen, owner of Salana Hair Studio in Lower Nob Hill, styles Pedram Afshar's new mohawk at the free haircuts event on Feb. 5th. Photo by Zhenya Sokolova Teddy Hall, 18, didn’t know what to expect when he decided to RSVP for a free haircut advertised on SFFunCheap.com, but as his shoulder length hair slo...

February’s Bay Area art shows

Derek Macario

February 6, 2015

Events start this weekend: Friday, February 6 - "Packrat's Paradise" by Tim the Optimist at Le QuiVive. 7pm, 1525 Webster Street, Oakland. RSVP here. Friday, February 6 - "Portraits of Strangers, Someones, and Nobodies" group show at 111 Minna. 5pm-late, 111 Minna Street, San Francisco. RSVP...

Art for Profit

Chantel Genest

December 19, 2014

http://youtu.be/UEVqRgNUqTg As he works on a large scale, lavish mural project on the blight-ridden streets of West Oakland, artist Joshua Mays is approached by a local business owner. The middle-aged owner of one of the over forty liquor stores in the neighborhood asks Mays if he would be available...

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