Quest for Three: Giants own Game 4

Fans pack AT&T Park in hopes that the Giants can pull off a win. Photo by Katie Lewellyn.
Fans pack AT&T Park in hopes that the Giants can pull off a win. Photo by Katie Lewellyn.

Game 4 of the World Series wholeheartedly belonged to the Giants. After a crazy first couple innings, the Giants surged forward and never looked back. The Giants beat the Royals 11-4 and tied the World Series 2-2.

Ryan Vogelsong had a solid first inning but quickly got himself into trouble in the third when Eric Hosmer started the Royals rally with a single. Vogelsong pitched 2.2 innings with seven hits, one ball, two strikeouts, and four earned runs.

The Giants started their rally early in the first when Hunter Pence hit into a fielder’s choice scoring Gregor Blanco. Things started to look bleak for the Giants though when Salvador Perez hit a single RBI extending the Royals’ lead 4-1.

In the third, Buster Posey hit an RBI single, scoring Duffy and shortening the Royals’ lead 4-2. During the fifth, Pence hit another RBI single, scoring Panik and inching the Giants closer to a tie. Pence was able to score after Juan Perez hit a sac fly, tying the game.

The rally really begun in the sixth when Pablo Sandoval hit a line drive single, scoring Posey and Blanco. Brandon Belt then singled on a ground ball, allowing both Pence and Sandoval to score. The Giants were in the lead 7-4.

Blanco continued the rally in the seventh after bunting, and Crawford was able to score on the bunt when Tim Collins overthrew the pitch. Joe Panik then doubled, scoring Morse and Blanco, extending the lead 10-4. Pence backed Panik up with another double and the score was 11-4.

The Giants came back from the dead and blew the Royals away in an amazing display of teamwork. They will play their last home game of the season tomorrow at AT&T Park with Madison Bumgarner on the mound.