And this is how the riots start

A fan gets fired up after the Giants win the 2014 World Series on October 29th.  (Matthew Roth/ Xpress Magazine)
A fan gets fired up after the Giants win the 2014 World Series on October 29th. (Matthew Roth/ Xpress Magazine)

The bus was filled with a tense, overwhelming excitement. The once light air was now dense, thick, and the typical smells of the street and sounds of cars making their way through the intersection are amplified to an almost unbearable extent. Even traveling down the road in a vehicle with the windows rolled up, you are pretty sure you just heard what you think a bomb would sound like going off down the block, followed by a band of car alarms sounding off as if there is no tomorrow—and all you can see is orange.

If you have lived in the Bay Area since at least 2012, you can probably recognize this scene from last night. If not, this is the view from a Muni bus at Geneva and Mission Streets less than half an hour after the Giants won the World Series. And honestly, it looks just like a huge group full of excitement at this point with only a hint of chaos, but that was because the night was still young.

Two years ago when the Giants won the World Series, I passed through the exact same intersection about an hour after the victory, and the streets were full of people—people on top of the intersection’s light posts, people sitting on cars, people on the street, and people screaming, hitting cars as they ran by.

You want to know how I found out about the Giants winning? I stepped off the M-line and heard a girl screaming bloody murder from behind me, multiple times. It sounded like someone was getting beaten to a pulp behind the old Geneva powerhouse—and it was absolutely freakin’ terrifying.

And honestly, when the fireworks started and sirens began to go off all around me, I wanted to find the quietest place ever and hide because I knew just how insane it was about to get.

People are celebrating and excited—I get that. What I do not understand is why it has to lead to fires, broken windows, shootings, and arrests. According to the San Francisco Police Department, more than forty arrests were made last night. Two people were stabbed and two more were shot in separate incidents.

I think the moral of the story here is simple—“it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.”