San Francisco gives us a reason to feel crabby

Close up of San Francisco's famous dungeness crab. (Flickr/kevincole)
Close up of San Francisco’s famous dungeness crab. Photo under Creative Commons by kevincole

Eighteen hours before the official start date of San Francisco’s crab season, fisherman on the bay dropped their crab pots in preparation for its launch.

The San Francisco Bay is home to the Dungeness crab, one of the largest edible crabs along the Pacific Coast. For many San Franciscans, pulling out the crustacean on November 15th kicks off the holiday season and the popular dish is added to many Thanksgiving meals.

In the first month and a half of commercial fishing, 80 percent of San Francisco’s crabs are harvested. Throw on your bib and pop a bottle of chardonnay because it is now prime time for feasting on crab.



SF Dungeness Crab