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The Happy Hour Episode 3: A NECESSARY CONVERSATION Parts 1 & 2

The Happy Hour Episode 3: A NECESSARY CONVERSATION Parts 1 & 2

August 31, 2020

https://soundcloud.com/user-799422257/episode-3-a-necessary-conversation-part-1 Welcome back to The Happy Hour! Your palate cleansing podcast is here to provide some fresh insight on Black experiences during the covid-19 pandemic, and how the intersections of identity shape how we all move through...

Beyond the Surface Level of IG Content Creators

Beyond the Surface Level of IG Content Creators

Story by Anne Lima, Photos by Paige Acosta

August 25, 2020

Editor's note: This article was written as a part of the Fall 2019 class but was not able to be published due to website issues. It seems as though when you tap into Instagram these days everyone is out here living their best life.  Between it being a Hot Girl Summer to a Spooky Season, many people’s an...

Modesto Joins Black Lives Matter Protests

Modesto Joins Black Lives Matter Protests

By Ryce Stoughtenborough

June 1, 2020

Modesto marched along McHenry Avenue in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter protests across the nation on Sunday, March 31st, 2020. A large group of people gathered on Tenth Street Plaza with homemade signs, masks, water and their voices. The event was monitored by Modesto Police Department while...

Silver Linings – Video Diary

By Karishma Patadia

June 1, 2020

Over the past two months, I have been documenting my time in quarantine. This is the third and final episode of my video diaries. For almost two months now, I have been living in Riverside with my family due to COVID-19. My life, as well as everyone in the world, has been flipped upside down. However,...

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Batman watches over the front door.

Story & Photos by Malakai Wade

April 16, 2020

I’ve been going on a lot of walks during isolation. Having limited at-home workout resources and space, taking a brisk 3-minute stroll around my neighborhood is a great way to get a little exercise. I often go out at dusk, right before the street lamps come on, mainly so I can see the sunset, but a...

At Home with The Kellys

By Paul C. Kelly

April 16, 2020


No Better Time to Clear Your Backlog

A Rhino frame getting ready to stab a Grineer lancer. Screenshot by Wilson Gomez.

By Wilson Gomez

April 15, 2020

A quick look at the Steam global gameplay statistics web page reveals that only 68% of people who own “The Witcher 3” have completed the first story quest and only 26% have actually completed the entire game. That means that not only have 32% of the people who own the game not even played it for...

Home Workouts with David Kelly

Home Workouts with David Kelly

Video by Paul C. Kelly

April 9, 2020

David G. Kelly, health and fitness enthusiast, explains part of the at-home-workout he has been using to, “stay in shape and stay sane.” Easily done and low on equipment demands, Kelly details how one can do these basic exercises to remain active “even in a small, smelly home space.”  ...

Self-Care during Stress Awareness Month

Photo by Natalie from Pexels

Story by Anne Lima

April 9, 2020

Being thrown for a loop during this pandemic has shown to come with various emotions and reactions toward what to make of all of this for ourselves. School campuses aren’t open and non-essential businesses are closed until further notice. This has shown to result in a lack of structure for our dai...

Health concerns cause American Tulip Day event to scale down

Tulips are stacked and handed out by volunteers in order to adhere to San Francisco health regulations spurred by recent COVID-19 developments during the American Tulip Festival at Union Square on March 7, 2020 (Photo by William Wendelman)

Story by Malakai Wade & Photos by William Wendelman

April 9, 2020

Despite the rain and recent COVID-19 health scare, hundreds of people still clustered around Union Square to collect free tulips on Saturday, March 7. However, the event was different than in past years. After a press release issued Friday, March 6, by Mayor London Breed, which urged San Francisco resi...

Working in the midst of a health crisis

Image via Pexels

Story by Diani Ellis

April 8, 2020

“COVID-19 started off as this little thing we took as a joke,” Taylor Pennington, 22-year-old San Francisco Emergency Medical Technician worker said. “But now, I can’t stress it enough, how real it really is. Pennington, like many other essential workers around California are risking their ...

‘The Leftovers’ mirrors our internal and global chaos

Carrie Coon in The Leftovers. Photo Credit: IMDb

Story by Fernando Martinez

April 8, 2020

Global pandemics bring out the best and the worst of humanity, or out of whatever is left of humanity. There is something about a society collectively going through a traumatic event, such as a terrorist attack, a war, a recession or a virus outbreak that simultaneously erodes yet strengthens our soci...

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