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My Cosplay does not give Consent

My Cosplay does not give Consent
April 24, 2019

A three-story building fills up as tens of thousands of guests–some in plain clothes, some in elaborate, funny, homemade, or store-bought costumes–go to panels, meet and greet creators of their favorite...

Hitchhiking Powered By Love

Hitchhiking Powered By Love
March 15, 2019

Sometimes you end up meeting the love of your life through a date, on the bus, online, or through mutual friends. No matter how they start or end, polyamorous relationships are enjoyed by different people...

The Coming Out Experience

Jezebel Yana poses for a portrait in her living room in San Francisco, California. Yana, a 21-year-old transgender woman from Los Angeles, left home at 17 because of continual emotional abuse from her family regarding her gender preference and has lived in San Francisco since. (Niko LaBarbera/Xpress)
March 1, 2019

At seventeen years old, Mar Pierce was nervous. She had just realized that she was bisexual and, although nervous, built up the courage to come out to her mom. Pierce’s mom accepted her bisexuality...

Zooming Through Traffic, Without the Gas

Zooming Through Traffic, Without the Gas
January 14, 2019

The cost of a car, insurance, gas, parking, and maintenance requires owners to shell out hundreds to thousands of dollars a year just to get from one point to another. As such costs continue to increase,...

Post-Kavanaugh Conversation

Post-Kavanaugh Conversation
December 8, 2018

In October, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was inducted into the highest legal body in the country. But at SF State, the message is quite different: “Fuck Brett Kavanaugh.” The words were...

Queer People of Color Makes its Way Back to SF State

Ashesh Arora, the Director of Events for the Queer Alliance, holds the new shirt for Queer People of Color.
November 29, 2018

More than a decade after it was first formed, an advocacy group for queer people of color is making its return to San Francisco State University. The aptly named Queer People of Color, or QPOC,...

Is Eating Healthy on a Budget Possible?

Oscar Pe–a (blue hat) asks students if they would like some onions. October 1st, 2018.
November 1, 2018

In the face of tuition fees and a higher price of living, students find ways to deal with their food security issues. The kettle screams. With the addition of boiling water, the forty cent cup of noodles ...

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