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The student-run magazine of San Francisco State University

Xpress Magazine

The student-run magazine of San Francisco State University

Xpress Magazine

A poster from the Women’s Center’s most recent event, “What is Love?,” is on display in the Women’s Center in the Cesar Chavez Student Center on SF State’s campus in San Francisco, Calif., on Nov. 8, 2022. At this event, attendees were able to express what love means to them, as can be seen written on the poster. (Tatyana Ekmekjian / Xpress Magazine)

Women’s Center, Not Just for Women

Asiah Capponi, Staff Writer
December 9, 2022

Fog hovers over the Cesar Chavez Student Center on a weekday at SF State. As students rush to class, Kailey Flores wanders on the third floor of the building, stopping by room T-116. She sits on the big...

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Finding pleasure during a pandemic

Fernando G. Pacheco, Staff Writer
December 18, 2020

Hookup culture has changed. It now includes flirting behind a face mask, standing 6 feet away. Nude pictures have become treasured commodities, as the outside bears a ‘proceed with caution’ sign.  Self-isolation...

Illustration by Erica Gray

Entering the healthcare frontlines

Erica Gray, Staff Writer
November 5, 2020

A family walked into Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford to care for their one-month-old newborn, who had recently tested positive for COVID-19. As Joanna Stephenson, a nurse of only six months,...

Health at home

Health at home

Alyssa Brown and Eloise Kelsey
October 22, 2020

According to UNESCO, approximately 80% of the world’s student population is receiving an online education during the 2020 school year due to the pandemic. A survey conducted by the National Bureau of...

 “sunday morning’s parallel lives.” photo of Alexandra Levey, Olivia Reich and Hannah Sudaria by Eloise Kelsey.

Talk to me!

Sam Joson and Photos by Eloise Kelsey and Alexandra Levey
October 20, 2020

Since the beginning of lockdown in March, some SFSU students have moved out of the city and now live with their families while others quarantine with roommates, significant others or alone. With the combination...

Athletic Performance: Whats weed got to do with it?

Athletic Performance: What’s weed got to do with it?

Story and photo by Diani Ellis
May 12, 2020

“I just love weed man!” said former NCAA college athlete Nate Jacob.  Like many other college athletes, Jacob was once part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association at his school. The NCAA,...

Remaining body positive in isolation

Remaining body positive in isolation

Story by Clara Applegarth
April 13, 2020

I was struck by an eating disorder at a young age without fully being aware. Being a ballet dancer for several years of my childhood, the way your body formed certain lines when you moved was all but secondary....

Daisy Soto cuddles her service dog, Miles in San Francisco, Calif. Feb. 26, 2020. (Emily Curiel / Xpress Magazine)

Service Dogs 101: Intro to the good boys and girls of the Bay Area

by Ryce Stoughtenborough
March 18, 2020

The first time Billie, a sensory processing service dog, saved the life of Cloud Galanes-Rosenbaum, 33, was during the 2015 San Francisco Pride Parade. Galanes-Rosenbaum, a Castro District native who has...

Recovery through sport: Aaron McMihelk, USMC

Recovery through sport: Aaron McMihelk, USMC

Video by William Wendelman
February 26, 2020

Aaron McMihelk is a retired Marine who was paralyzed during basic training due to an allergic reaction to the immunizations he received entering boot camp. Aaron fought his way through depression and physical...

How to Avoid Getting Sick During Finals

Jannelle Garcia
May 14, 2015
The last thing someone needs the day before the big test is to wake up sick.

Bionic Boys and Girls

Katie Mullen
December 19, 2014

Nights are the worst; it is hard to sleep when you fear your child will never wake up. Disease does not sleep so, as a parent, you never fully sleep either. She wakes up every night, sometimes more than...

Pressures of Gastric Proportions

Tami Benedict
December 19, 2014

When you turn eighteen, there are a lot of things going through your mind. You are probably receiving college acceptance letters in the mail, celebrating that you are no longer in high school, finally...

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