Pictured, Taylor Lee Cook. Provided by Taylor Lee Cook

What musicians have gained in the era of COVID-19

Erica Gray December 11, 2020

Matthew Gilbert, a Stanford University graduate student researching musicology, moved back home with his parents in San Diego when shelter-in-place orders were issued in March as a response to the rapid...

Lisa-Zimmer Chu, Jamie Northrup, and Jeanne Leimkuhler paint the natural wildlife section of the mural on Nov. 7, 2020, the day of President-elect Joe Biden’s confirmation. Valencia Street, where Clarion Alley is located, was crowded with San Franciscans celebrating his victory. (Saylor Nedelman / Xpress Magazine)

The world is on fire

Saylor Nedelman December 10, 2020

As climate change and wildfires drastically alter our ecosystem, environmentalists and artists are looking for innovative ways to amplify the message that our world is on fire. For local members of Extinction...

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Stay sane during quarantine with WGS 593

Sam Joson December 9, 2020

Editor’s note: The author is a student this semester in WGS 593: Gender, Health, and the Environment. This article features a collection of infographics from the class which we’ve included with Issue...

The Art of COVID

The Art of COVID

Ryce Stoughtenborough, Multimedia Editor December 9, 2020

Xpress Magazine · The Art of COVID San Francisco artist and pole dancer Jacqui Ray has surprisingly been enjoying theCOVID-19 shut down due to the new found time she has to dedicate to her work. A...

Taking the Sweet Route

Sean Reyes November 30, 2020

Kenneth Cacacho started his bakery Sweet Route when he was just 15, selling baked goods to his family and friends. The business took a pause when he moved to San Francisco to pursue a degree in entrepreneurship...

Galen Leach, tattoo artist in San Francisco

The story behind the ink

Story by Anne Lima May 12, 2020

Tattoo art can be as exciting as it is addictive. While versatile in technique, it is beautiful in appearance. The tattoo industry is a fascinating one, with a history that dates back over thousands of...

Letter From the Editor

Letter From the Editor

Amy Bigelow May 12, 2020

Running a magazine is a lot like managing a band. One that consists of 14 members, several managers and one phenomenal record producer - thanks Joanne. Releasing our fourth and final album, I mean digital...

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