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Waiting for the Punch Line

June 3, 2013

By Molly Sanchez On Sunday, they gather. Some dressed up in slacks and blazers, others casual in hoodies and t-shirts. They congregate, exchanging hugs and fist bumps. They laugh and they wait for the talking to begin. This is not your typical Sunday service, a point made abundantly clear when the b...

Doctor Who

May 13, 2013

By Molly Sanchez Illustrations by Kirstie Haruta Don’t you hate it when you’re at a party and someone mentions their love for the doctor? ‘The doctor?’ you think ‘what kind of person loves their doctor? Is it a Haight Asbury type doctor? Or one of those sexy ones that gets handsy with t...

Open City: A Week of Comedy Open Mics in SF

May 13, 2013

  By Molly Sanchez Photos by Frank Leal By day I am a journalist. I sit in classes, carry a voice recorder in my purse, and find clever ways to mock my superiors within the confines of the Chicago style. But by night I am a standup comic. I sit in bars, carry a voice recorder in my p...

Nerdy San Francisco

May 1, 2013

  By Molly Sanchez Photos by Virginia Tieman San Francisco is a city full of the weird and the wonderful. It’s the city of Lucas Films; the future home of The United Federation of Planets, and stomping grounds to nerds and geeks of all shapes, sizes, and degrees of virginity. As a c...

Oh My God: Street Preaching in San Francisco

Shakir Muhammad, a Muslim 18-year-old computer science major and Katerina Walter, a 25-year-old criminal justice major, fight back against Cry to God's Kevin when he said,

March 18, 2013

By Molly Sanchez Photos by Frank Leal & Virginia Tieman It is Valentine’s Day, 2013. “You guys love sex,” Kevin Farrer says matter-of-factly to the crowd, his grip tightening on a large sign on a post with multicolored words printed neatly on it. There are a few shrugs and nods fr...

Women Who Kill: Comediennes of San Francisco

March 3, 2013

Words: Molly Sanchez Loren Kraut, Mary-Alice McNab, and me: All women who know what it feels like to kill. “It’s exhilarating,” Kraut says, her small face breaking into a large smile. “It’s f***ing magical,” concurs McNab banging a fist on the table for emphasis. Personally I...

Miracle on 19th St: The Secret Life of a Mall Santa

Miracle on 19th St: The Secret Life of a Mall Santa

December 3, 2012

Words: Molly Sanchez Santa Claus is not supposed to take interviews. The official “Guide to Santa MEDIA Questions and Answers” put out by GGP Corporate Communications stipulates in screaming capital letters: “DO NOT RESPOND IN ANY MANNER TO ANY QUESTIONS THAT ATTEMPT TO MAKE YOU OUT OF CHARA...

Wet Burritos, Dry Humor


November 7, 2012

Words: Babak Haghighi & Molly Sanchez Photos: Babak Haghighi Sharon Houston, a dark-haired comic from Los Angeles, stands in the oval of light cast on the dark stage of a Mission District venue. Behind her is a wall covered in murals from the gorgeous to the graphic. Squinting out at the giggl...

Top 10 Youtube Videos

October 24, 2012

In 2004 the winds of political change started to blow, flowing freely from the animated mouth of George W. Bush in a cowboy hat. JibJab.com launched their famous “This Land” video in response to the Bush/Kerry presidential election in 2004, a video that is now considered to be the first ever viral el...

Red, White, and Pink: Barbie for President

Red, White, and Pink: Barbie for President

September 24, 2012

Barbie give a speech about saving the ocean, 'one fish at a time.' Photo by Virginia Tieman. Words: Molly Sanchez Photos: Virginia Tieman The message of hope is so last election-the newest presidential candidate is running on a campaign of dreams. Though the 2008 presidential race showed American...

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