Sex Talk Sundays: Does Age Matter?


photo by Flickr user Akiko Photography

Photo by Akiko Photography


Hey people of earth. Welcome back to Sex Talk Sundays. We took a break for… uh, well, spring break. Did you miss us? We hope so! Today’s topic: Does age matter?

I’m going to answer this question in terms of the age level affecting how good or bad the sex is.

Honestly, I’m young still and haven’t been with loads of people. Meaning, I can count them on two hands. However, the partners I’ve had cover a decent age spectrum, roughly 18 to mid thirties. And I can say what I’ve noticed based on this.

Most of the older ones were more confident, which is always sexier. They know what they want and (mostly) know how to ask what you do. However, I’ve experienced an exception before. Our age difference was only 6 years, they were 23, I was 18. And that was a train wreck of awkwardness.

They were unsure about what’s the best way to do this or that. They took zero initiative and so did I.  That was on me, I was pretty lost. To me it seems that age can play a part in the satisfaction of sex, but being older isn’t necessary for it to be good. Most older partners I’ve had happened to be more confident, they’d had more experience.

They’ve definitely been around longer at least. For me, it mostly is this confidence that makes a difference. And so, in my opinion, age can affect your bedroom experience with that person, only because older people tend to have more experience. But whether that person is 18 or 45, I believe it’s mostly in how they go about it all. How sure are they when they go for it? Do they know what they like and don’t?

At the very least, I like to make sure they are a tad less awkward than me.