Whether it’s a tried-and-true jean jacket or a pant with a pop of color, denim is an all-around essential for trendy gators. Check out these fashionable students who do it right.

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  • Light Wash Dress
    Tamika Miller, 18, Freshman, Sociology
    "I just make my outfits up as I go. I like the style on campus because it’s not the same as anywhere else."
  • Burgundy Skinnies
    Spulu, 21, Sophomore, Ethnic Studies
    "This is the Bay Area, we have to layer up. I am inspired by a little bit of everything. I’m a shape shifter."
  • Denim and Dots
    Natalie Field , 20, Sophomore, Photojournalism
    “I am inspired by Zooey Deschanel and the 60s. What am I excited to wear this season? My roommate’s new clothes.”
  • Keeping it Casual
    Dennis Sherry, 20, Junior, Cinema
    “I don’t know what inspires me. This morning my pants were dirty so I wore these old ones instead.”
  • Worn and Torn Moto Jeans
    Char Mac, 29, Junior, Communications, and Dubie
    “I like worn jeans because they are edgy. I like to do my own thing. Today I added a country feel with these boots and a little hint of sexiness with my off the shoulder sweater. This season I am really excited to wear cashmere and over-sized sweaters.”
  • Back to Black
    Luis Lechuga, 21, Senior, Art History
    “I like everything tacky. I will incorporate one really tacky piece and tone down the rest of my outfit. My friend inspires my looks because she makes her outfits look so effortless.”
  • Think Big
    Lauren Storm-berg, 22, Senior, Art History
    “I like to shop in thrift stores. My favorite is Savers in San Jose. That’s where I got this huge denim jacket that I wear over everything.”
By Macy Williams and Melissa Landeros
Photos by Mike Hendrickson