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“Makeup” your identity

Shelley Wang

May 11, 2020

Different makeup products have been designated specifically for women over the last few decades. Makeup advertisements from brands like Maybelline and Olay often feature actresses or models who promote a more youthful appearance.  Beyond the desire to look younger, there are other reasons why people choose ...

Lockdown Looks

Shelbie Wayne's Night Out look.

Story Fernando Martinez

April 29, 2020

Our lives have unraveled with the coronavirus and sheltering-in-place. Any and all sense of order we may have had once got thrown out the window into the now more wild wilderness that is the outside world.  Many of our human interactions are now virtual. Well, significantly more now than before. No matter w...

Lost and found in style

Gayla Biggers, 23, poses for a portrait in the Creative Arts Building at SF State
on Thursday, February 13, 2020. (Saylor Nedelman / Xpress Magazine)

Story by Fernando Martinez

February 25, 2020

Style. It’s the thing that you recognize when you see it and when you don’t.  An average virtual stroll on social media platforms today is filled with the styles of other people — whether they’re famous, not so famous or wannabe famous. This awards season the red carpets  have become st...

My Cosplay does not give Consent

My Cosplay does not give Consent

Nikko Avellana

April 24, 2019

A three-story building fills up as tens of thousands of guests–some in plain clothes, some in elaborate, funny, homemade, or store-bought costumes–go to panels, meet and greet creators of their favorite media works, buy posters, plushies, clothing accessories, and more at the marketplace. This is...

Shopping for a Cruelty-Free Face

Illustration of makeup. (Ingrid Mera/Xpress)

Ingrid Mera

March 4, 2019

Every day, thousands of people wake up to similar routines as they get out of bed to start the day. Makeup plays a large role in daily routines, whether it’s getting ready for a shift at work, or sitting in front of the mirror to experiment with makeup looks. The light hit the mirror, reflecting...

Runway 2018: Diverge

Runway 2018: Diverge

Kaila Taylor

July 24, 2018

A Path to Inclusive Fashion It is understood that in the world of fashion there tends to be a standard whose existence is not a true reflection of all types of bodies and people. This standard earns a living of off excluding and making others who don’t quite ‘fit the bill’ feel like they are l...

How To: 6 Styled Looks Any Gender Can Pull Off

How To: 6 Styled Looks Any Gender Can Pull Off

Jazmine Sanchez

October 9, 2017

Growing up my mother believed that pink dresses were going to be a staple in my baby wardrobe. Boy, was she wrong. As the years went by I came in contact with this thing called “comfort”, which then became what was going to define my style. I hated dresses, heels, or anything that society threw at me...

In Their Shoes: Challenging Gender Norms Through Androgynous Apparel

In Their Shoes: Challenging Gender Norms Through Androgynous Apparel

Jazmine Sanchez

October 3, 2017

Once upon a time there was a world where any gender could walk into a clothing store and not have to worry what sex they were shopping for. As amazing as that may sound, for now it can only remain a dream that can one day hopefully become a reality. Don’t give up yet, there are still options! Whe...

Resort Fashion 2016: Is it Innovation? Or just location?

Resort Fashion 2016: Is it Innovation? Or just location?

Meira Gebel

May 13, 2015

From the shores of Seoul, to the backyard of the late Bob Hope’s Palm Springs home, designers are sure trying to garner attention for their Resort 2016 looks based on the place that they are presented. I guess it is how it sounds, though, because when deciding on where to vacation, its all about l...

It’s All About Bridal Fashion Week- For Now.

It's All About Bridal Fashion Week- For Now.

Meira Gebel

April 22, 2015

Photo courtesy of Carolina Herrera.  If you are affluent in fashion, you know very well of Paris, New York, Milan and London Fashion Weeks, whether it be spring or fall; but are you well-versed with Bridal Week? This writer, was not. I always knew that some designers, like, obviously, Vera Wan...

University Design:School Pride and Fashion Collide

Senior Apparel Design and Merchandising student __  cuts sews reuses SF State plastic street banners to construct universal unisex outfits in Burk Hall room 410, Wed. Mar. 12.  The outfits will be showcased in a SF State fashion show in May. Photo by Tony Santos / Xpress

Xpress Mag Staff

May 23, 2014

[widgetkit id=6082] Written by Melissa Landeros Photos by Tony Santos Thick, coarse, dirty, unbearable to get around—SF State design students could not help but complain about having to work with such a difficult material for clothing. The royal purple and gold SF State banners that span all ar...

Design and Refine

Design and Refine

December 9, 2013

Written Melissa Landeros Photos by John Ornelas Bright lighting. Hues of earth tones. Pops of color. A mix of sleek jackets, tailored dresses, intricate outerwear, and fine accessories.  At five thousand square feet, the 440 Brannan studio and showroom is a combined workspace and shopping oasis comp...

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