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ASK XPRESS: How can I survive the final week?

As the Fall 2023 semester comes to an end, SF State students ask Xpress how to manage stress during finals week
Feven Mamo

As the holidays approach us, so do finals. With deadlines needing to be met and the semester’s final weeks coming to an end, SF State students ask: how can we regulate the stress of it all? 

Here are the steps you need to take to combat finals week stress and end this fall semester strong: 


1. Breathe and break your assignments into smaller and more achievable tasks 

By breathing we are lowering our cortisol levels, one of the main stress hormones within the human body. According to clinical psychologist Sharon Saline, by making your tasks smaller and concrete, you are making them more achievable and manageable. We can do this by establishing specific times, locations and durations. Finally and most importantly, remember that taking the first step is better than taking no step. 


2. Be strategic and get organized  

Strategy is strictly individualistic, but there are a variety of ways to be more strategic with your tasks during finals week. According to Dr. Jonene Ford of Ford Wellness, making lists can help you get more done ahead of time before the hectic holiday season. By choosing to complete the most important task, the easiest task or the most time-sensitive task first, you are boosting self-confidence and in turn, building momentum to complete the other tasks. An example of a studying strategy is setting a 30-minute timer to work on an assignment, 10 minutes for a break and repeating the process until the task is completed. 


3. Whatever you do, don’t avoid it 

Procrastination is one of the leading stress triggers in students. By removing all distractions that keep you from completing your tasks, you are taking one step closer to having completed your “To Do” list. 


4. Remember to make time for relaxation and enjoying this time of year 

It is important to let go of the expectations of the ideals associated with how things “should go” and enjoy the process as it is. Remember to make time for family, friends, loved ones, and yourself during this time of year.



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