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ASK XPRESS: What’s the best bathroom on campus?

Neal Wong

Dear what’s the best bathroom on campus,

Despite how silly and straightforward the question may be, the reality is that every student deserves a safe and comfortable location where they can partake in a natural cycle.

Going to the restroom is a daily task that everybody performs — hopefully. The university took into account the demand for restrooms across campus and planted porcelain thrones in every building.

However, not every restroom was built the same, and not every location receives the best care. Some are overused, abused and destroyed. Others are older and feel like a remnant of the past.

It’s difficult to find that sweet spot, especially on a campus with around 23,000 students. However, there are two general rules that can help locate the best restrooms on campus; the restroom needs to be at least somewhat accessible on campus and in a location where students do not stay for too long.

Let’s break down these two rules. Accessibility in a restroom is key because when nature calls, having to walk a long path will feel like an eternity. However, accessibility also leads to daily overuse. Some very accessible restrooms look like they have been abandoned for decades by the end of the day. Therefore, three locations on campus fit the criteria for an ideal restroom. Luckily, these areas are also separated evenly between the SF State campus.

The first location is the Mashouf Wellness Center. These restrooms are the least accessible on campus since an SF State ID number verification is required to enter the center. However, since students are busy working out elsewhere in the building, the stalls are left open and clean.

The second location is the Cesar Chavez Student Center; specifically the lower conference and terrace levels. Although this area sees a lot of traffic, it is usually students who are going from one class to another. Therefore, a quick pit stop at the upper or lower level of the building on the way to class is not a big detour.

The final location is the restrooms in George and Judy Marcus Hall. Although these restrooms are in a building where students stay for longer periods of time, they are the newest buildings and are more accessible, being near the middle of campus.


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Neal Wong
Neal Wong, Staff Photographer
Neal Wong (he/him/his) was born and raised in San Francisco, attended Washington High School, where he performed as a lead in multiple plays and a musical and is currently a photographer for Golden Gate Xpress and Xpress Magazine. His photos have been published by the San Francisco Bay ViewSan Francisco Public Press, and Mission Local. Neal also created and teaches an SFSU Experimental College course titled Adventures in SF, which takes students on weekly field trips to little-known, interesting places. His hobbies include cooking, traveling, and reviewing places on Google Maps.

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