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ASK XPRESS: Should I change my major?

Ryo Kojima
A variety of plants sold by Amneisa Doles of Botanic Panic at the corner of Valencia and 18th Street in San Francisco, California on September 3, 2023. (Ryo Kojima/Xpress Magazine)

Dear Should I change my major,

I think wanting to change your major anytime in your education journey is entirely a common feeling. I experienced the same mental debate, so you’re not alone.

When I was in my sophomore year I was finally beginning all my core classes for my major, but at the time I was still indecisive as to what I wanted to do. I went back and forth between journalism and nursing for the longest time and ultimately decided on journalism. I think the idea of having to make this monumentous decision that literally affects your future at such a young age is almost comedic. You expect me to know what I want to do with my life at 18? I could barely decide what I wanted to eat this morning.

Similarly, I went into my junior year feeling a want for change, sometimes even resentment at myself for not deciding to go the other route. Funnily enough, I changed my major two times that semester. I started as a journalism major, switched to nursing and came right back to journalism.

My advice is to sit and weigh the pros and cons of each major and see if this change will ultimately make you feel happier. In terms of credits or units, don’t worry about feeling like you’re not taking on enough. Personally, I think the stigma of “finishing on time” fades once you see everyone else’s experience, so that shouldn’t be the reason why you don’t change majors. Do what makes you happy and change your major (or not)!


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About the Contributor
Ryo Kojima, Multimedia Editor
Ryo Kojima (he/him) is a fourth-year student majoring in photojournalism and minoring in sociology. Growing up in Southern California and Japan, Ryo is an avid fan of various sports, the outdoors, backpacking, film photography, and more. In his free time, you can catch him hanging out with friends, skating, hiking, shooting film, or on the golf course.

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