How to Spring Forward in Style



By Melissa Landeros
Photos by Erica Marquez

Embellishments, patterns, colors, collars, and cutouts so many trends, so little time in between the next wave of trends. So before spring is over lets indulge in what is current now.

Just about every article of clothing this season has an added piece of hardware in the form of spikes, studs, sequins and or beading. Spikes and studs and edge to an outfit while sequins and beading take an outfit from drab to fab.



Another huge trend this spring are collars. Take note regular Polo shirts are not making the cut. Some blouses come with collars that have lots of detail, while others are minimal and still chic. There are also collars sold separately, serving as necklaces but managing to look like they are part of a shirt. Store’s like H&M, Forever 21, and Anthropologie sell great collar necklaces that really make an outfit make pop.

Patterns are also a key trend popping up on just about everything from shirts, jackets, and dresses, to pants. Floral print, chevron print and stripes are just a few patterns that work for guys and girls. While camouflage print is a bold trend for guys this season.

Keep in mind mixing patterns is a do any season, but to make it work both patterns need to be within the same color palette. Katie Koho another SFSU student says, “I love floral jumpers they are fun, practical, and comfortable.”


Lace is another huge trend appearing. It is very delicate and offers a hint of sweetness to one’s outfit. However, be advised that too much lace can look bridal, so keep it minimal.

Macy Williams modeling "pop of color".
Macy Williams modeling “pop of color”

Color blocking is still a do; it has been spilling over from season to season. Clothing can be bought that is already color blocked or one can create the illusion of color blocking. Stick to 2 or 3 complementary colors, include a neutral, and use separates.

This spring it is all about color. Although black and white are classic, there are numerous colors to try. One should incorporate the color emerald with either accessories or key pieces like a blazer or blouse. Emerald is the color of the year, trending alongside it is dusk blue, lemon zest, poppy red, and nectarine. These colors work for both guys and girls.

This season cutouts are also trending, and one can easily add cut outs to almost any garment or buy garments with cutouts. Wardrobe pieces that work best for cutout work are plain shirts and dresses. If wanting to add cutouts take a marker and draw the shape onto the garment, preferably use fabric scissors which can be bought at Joann’s fabric and craft store, to continue the process.

Bryan Vo
Bryan Vo

Blazers and jackets are always stylish and trending. One just needs to know how to wear it and combine it with other pieces. By adding a sleek fitted blazer it can take an outfit from daywear to night wear. Either pair the blazer with clean buttoned down shirt to add sophistication or a plain colored t-shirt to keep the outfit casual. As for a jacket it can add edge to an outfit whether it be for a guy or girl.

SFSU student Christ Vito says, “I like to stick to long sleeve collared shirts and a light-weight coat or blazer.”

Jessica Cisneros, modeling elbow patches.
Jessica Cisneros, modeling elbow patches.

Sweaters and cardigans with elbow patches are also a do this spring. The simple detail really livens up either of the two. A number of clothing stores sell these type of cardigans/sweaters, and anyone can pull it off. Or consider adding elbow patches to an old sweater or cardigan to create a new piece that is worthy of wearing again.

Katie Koho, modeling print.
Katie Koho, modeling print.

One of the perks about it being spring is that it is warmer outside, which means dresses and skirts are fair game. The skirts and dresses that are trending are not ordinary garments. The trend features high-low dresses and skirts that are short in the front and long in the back. Even though it is spring that does not mean to disregard using scarves. Lightweight, colorful, and printed scarves are still acceptable for this season.

It is also the time to put away the boots and bring out the wedges, sandals, and slippers better known as smoking slippers. While each style works for guys and girls, it would be best to leave the wedges for just the girls. One of the best places to shop for this type of footwear is Aldo shoes.

Chris Vito

That concludes this year’s spring trends. Always keep in mind that a stylish outfit takes a few key pieces and time to put together. Guys remember keep everything simple and stick to one bold item, and girls have fun with your outfits.