Breaking: Hundreds of Giants fans turned away at gate


Photo under  Creative Commons by randychiu
Photo under Creative Commons by randychiu

Update: After the fiasco of what happened last Monday, the Giants acknowledged their error and attempted to make it right to their fans by either offering assistance in purchasing tickets to the National League Championship Series before they went on sale to the public or compensating a game in the 2015 season.

The Giants are also making sure this issue does not happen again by sending out emails notifying fans that their ticket should read “NLCS Home Game One” and posting examples on their Twitter and Facebook. As for the expense that were put out to get to the game, i.e. parking, Bart, or toll, they will not be reimbursing fans for those expenses.

Today at AT&T Park, hundreds of Giants fans were turned away at a game for having tickets to “home game three,” a game that does not exist since there will be only two home games at AT&T park.

According to Giants representatives, the tickets were originally sold when there was belief that the Giants were going to have a game three, this was before the Giants played the Pirates. When the Giants won the wildcard and continued on to face the Nationals, the schedule changed but not the tickets.

The Giants failed to email and notify hundreds of fans that their tickets, which were already purchased, were invalid for any NLDS game. The Giants informed their fans that their money would be reimbursed after the Giants’ season was over. As for all other expenses, well sometimes you have take a loss.