Quest for Three: Giants win the National League Division Series

Giants' fans go crazy when the Giants win and advance to the NLCS. Photo by Naya Duran.
Giants’ fans go crazy when the Giants win and advance to the NLCS. (Photo courtesy of Naya Duran/ Xpress Magazine)

Ryan Vogelsong and the Giants faced the Nationals today at AT&T Park for Game 4 of the NLDS. After losing last night, the Giants were still leading the series 2-1, and today was the game to win. The Giants won tonight, 3-2 against the Nationals, winning the NLDS.

Vogelsong pitched 5.2 innings, with two hits, two balls, one run, and only eighty-one pitches thrown. The only run that Vogelsong gave up was when Bryce Harper hit a double off him, allowing Ian Desmond to score in the seventh inning. Vogelsong pitched like a winner, holding the Nationals at one run.

The Giants got to work early, scoring a run in the second inning after the bases were loaded and Gregor Blanco was walked, letting the Giants score the first run of the game. Following that, Joe Panik hit a ground ball,  giving Juan Perez an opportunity to score.

The Nationals tied the game up in the seventh inning after Bryce Harper hit a solo home run. But that had no effect on the Giants as they came back stronger in the seventh inning. While Pablo Sandoval was batting, a wild pitch was thrown and Panik scored. At this point, the Giants were up  3-2. After trying to walk Sandoval, another wild pitch was thrown, but Buster Posey was thrown out at home.

The top of the ninth inning was intense for Giants fans. Santiago Casilla closed the game and after easily getting two outs, Bryce Harper was up to bat. Harper stayed alive with a 3-2 count and eventually was walked by Casilla. Wilson Ramos was the deal breaker for the Giants and grounded out in the ninth inning, giving the Giants the win.

Posey went 2-4, Pence went 1-3, Sandoval was 0-3 and Belt was 0-4. Even though the Giants are still not hitting to their true potential, they are scoring runs and that is all that matters.

The Giants will now advance to the NLCS and face the St. Louis Cardinals on their quest to get their third world series victory.