Quest for Three: Raise your glasses Giants fans

Madison Bumgarner shows off his trophy to fans. (Brenna Cruz/ Special to Xpress)
Madison Bumgarner shows off his trophy to fans. (Brenna Cruz/ Special to Xpress)

Orange and black confetti fell in unison with the rain as thousands of Giants fan gathered under umbrellas along Market Street and the Civic Center to watch the 2014 World Series parade, the third parade in five years for the Giants.

Two years ago today the Giants were doing this exact same thing, winning the World Series in 2012 and celebrating on Halloween with their fans.

Fans lined the streets early this morning, all hoping to get a great seat to see their favorite player make their way along the parade. Before the parade even started, fans were excited, chanting “Lets go Giants!” waving their flags in the air even with the rain pouring.

According to Bart, their parking garages were full in several locations including Dublin/Pleasanton, Orinda, Walnut Creek, Fruitvale, and Daly City.

Some of the Giants great including Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Barry Bonds, and Gaylord Perry joined the new Giants hero’s in today’s parade.

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The players and their families made their way down Market Street in double decker buses, seeming to enjoy the parade just as much as their fans. Some players, like Matt Cain, had camera attached to their hats to capture the moment forever. When Pence mad his way down Market, a chant of “Yes! Yes! Yes!” followed him while “MVP! MVP!” range out as Madison Bumgarner, solo on his double decker bus, made his way through the parade route. Pablo Sandoval got the crowd riled up with his own version of the “Yes! Yes! Yes!” chant while Michael Morse just stood on top his bus and waved to the fans.

The parade ended with Bruce Bochy, holding his third world series trophy, along side his wife. The fans non-stopped chanting “Bochy! Bochy!” all cheering their favorite coach who they know will be etched into MLB history.

As a fan and a reporter this experience was surreal for me. Being able to see my favorite team and my favorite players win another World Series and then celebrate with me was simple amazing. Being able to do something I love, write and report, on this whole experience was a dream come true.

When the confetti started to fall and the team made their way down Market, I couldn’t help but have a smile on my face and fan-girling screams escape my lips. The atmosphere around me was contagious and I knew I was in one of the happiest places today. Even though I was up at 4 a.m. and the rain was falling on me, nothing mattered besides the story I was creating and parade I was watching.