Start your holiday shopping at the 2014 Renegade Craft Fair

The Renegade Craft Fair is kicking off its annual Holiday Market Tour at the Fort Mason Center Festival Pavilion (November 8th to 9th), which gives us an excuse to treat ourselves get our holiday shopping done early and check off a few things on our list. The two-day event brings out over three hundred indie makers— from woodcrafters, textile makers, and jewelry designers, to the folks who convince us that the sweater or little bow tie they made is too cute to pass up for our friends’ dogs. There is a bit of everything for everyone but here are my picks on the makers to check out this year.

Ele Story – If you, like me, have friends or family who enjoy dressing their kids up, this clothing line for children would make the perfect gift.
Field Day – From the cute patterns on their dresses and skirts, to the neatly structured jumpers, this local indie clothing line from Oakland would make a sweet gift for your friend who’s into that vintage look.
NBH.WOO x Chicwish – Ties, socks, and pocket squares for the darling men in our lives.

Jewelry and Accessories
Avenue Dee – Making fanny packs look cool since 2013.
Delusions of Grandeur  – The geometric shapes and simplicity in their gold and silver jewelry make it work with clothing for all occasions.
Little Bright Studio – My eyes cannot be more attracted to how Little Bright Studio mixes and matches the patterns and colors on their bags, clutches, and coin purses. These will make the perfect gift for your girlfriends.

Home Goods
Makers Kit – From terrariums to lip balm and soaps, the Makers Kit provides one all they need to start a fun, little DIY project.
Wild Well Supply – Wild Well Supply, like many of us, were tired of seeing the same ol’ candles in its boring glass cases. So in collaboration with another artist, they worked to make these handmade candles in rad metal containers.
Woolbuddy – My sister bought one of their owl kits a few months ago and all she had to do was poke (with the starter kit needle) one of these wool buddies into existence. If you know someone who’s into making their own things, the starter kit would make a great gift. You could totally just buy it already done too, but where’s the fun in that?

GIGART – Gregg Gordon, the artist behind GIGART, has done artwork for magazines, record labels, and concert posters for bands like The Black Keys, Blink 182, and Iggy Pop & The Stooges to name a few. So if you are looking for prints to gift, he is your guy.

Mijo & Bambi – It is the holidays, everyone’s pet could use a new accessory. Mijo & Bambi have rad prints on their harnesses, bandanas, and bow ties so that your friend’s pet could make a trip to the dog park in style.
Wildebeest – From rugs and food mats to bandana collars (!), Wildebeest has the goods for the pet lovers in your lives.