The Sound of Odd Numbers: Bobey

The second installment of a larger project
by Lorisa Salvatin

Layers of strange time signatures and bouncy melodies color the music of Brendan Page, known also as Bobey. Page said his move to San Francisco has allowed him to experience a multitude of different genres, with indie being the most influential in his music.

Label: None

Sounds like: Battles, Bernhard Wagner, The Mercury Program

Random Facts:

  • Bobey attends SF State and has played a number of shows at The Depot.
  • Like Tera Melos, Bobey also hails from Sacramento.
  • Page came up with the name Bobey, by combining David Bowie and Toby Froud’s name while watching Labyrinth with his friend.

Some bands/artists they like: Foals, Don Caballero, This Town Needs Guns