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Katy Perry: A Superstar center stage at the Super Bowl

With her eyes on the prize and with all the preparation in tow, Katy Perry will take the big stage this Super Bowl Sunday, calling it the “biggest event” of her career, according to an interview with Billboard Magazine.

Following the path of other half-time performers, like Bruno Mars, Madonna and Beyonce, Perry has a lot to live up to. So, is she nervous? Most definitely!

“Everyone has been asking me if I’m going to be nervous before the half-time show. I’m like, I’m f***ing human!” Perry said, according to her interview with Billboard Magazine.

So how does one prepare for the biggest performance in America? With the potential of over 100 million eyes watching, Perry has been preparing for game day for quite some time.

In early October when rumors of Perry’s possible performance at the bowl were swirling, Perry was already in the works of making football one of her “new favorite sport[s]”, according to a tweet she sent out during that time.

Perry posts on Twitter about watching football in the eve of the announcement that she will be performing at the half time show.

In attempt to become more of a football fan, Perry agreed to be a guest picker on ESPN’s “College GameDay”. According to an interview with The New York Times,  Lee Fitting, the senior coordinating producer of “College GameDay”, was completely blown away by Perry’s performance.

“When the show ended, everyone’s mouths were wide open. We were all thinking, ‘Wow, now that’s a professional entertainer.’ You can’t teach that. She just has it,” said Fitting to The New York Times

As many celebrities do, Perry has taken to social media to showcase the groundwork her and her team have put in for America’s most-watched act. 

Here’s how she prepared via her Instagram:

Perry pampers herself before Superbowl Sunday. Photo via Perry’s Instagram.

Perry began with a face mask, essentially a day at the spa, how I feel many other A-listers would prepare for an upcoming event.

Perry and Watt’s pose for the cover of ESPN’s Music Issue. Photo via Perry’s Instagram.

Perry and J.J Watt, defensive end for the Houston Texans, took the cover of ESPN’s Music Issue. Catch some behind the scenes photos via ESPN here.

Perry and her puppy attend a meeting for the “puppy bowl”. Photo via Perry’s Instagram.

Perry posted a very adorable photo of her and her puppy, Butters, on Instagram. Perry writes that they both were attending a “V [very] important puppy bowl meeting”.

Perry gets a pedicure that look like ten little footballs before she performs at the half time show at the 49th Superbowl. Photo via Perry’s Instagram.

Perry is no stranger to being wacky with her mani’s and pedi’s, so it’s expected that she would go all out for the Superbowl. She even wore a football inspired get-up to her Superbowl Press Conference, where she hints at details for the upcoming show. One detail including bringing guest Lenny Kravitz up on stage with her. Check it out here.

Perry poses for the cover of Billboard Magazine. Photo via Perry’s Instagram.

Two magazine covers in one month? To rise the hype even more, Perry poses for Billboard Magazine spilling her thoughts about the upcoming half time show. “I’m just selling my music to the broadest, widest audience ever,” said Perry to Billboard Magazine. Read the article in it’s entirety here.

Perry posts a photo from her cover shoot with Billboard Magazine. Photo via Perry’s Instagram.

On the Friday before Super Bowl Sunday, Perry posts another photo of her cover shoot with Billboard Magazine, making the her followers, and America, anxious.

With over 64 million Twitter followers, more than any other user on Twitter, Perry tweets out a photoshopped photo of her with the comment “Having a great rehearsal, hope everyone has a great Friday!!!”

Perry tweets out a photo of herself photoshopped on Twitter.

With Super Bowl Sunday upon us, we just have to sit back, munch down, and watch how Perry’s performance plays out.

Perry’s final words in the interview with Billboard Magazine rattle anticipation for the show even more, saying that, “This is the cherry on top of everything I’ve already done.”




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    ObamaMar 8, 2015 at 7:00 pm

    Hello, this is your president Barack Obama here, writing to inform the author of this article how exceptionally well written this coverage of the Katy Perry performance of the Super Bowl 2015 is. Because of this article, I was able to engage in meaningful conversation with my wife, Michelle Obama, about the merits and success that led Ms. Perry up to this great and impactful event. America has always been a cultural center for the world, and given the great cultural phenomenon or “meme” that was created by great all American characters “left shark” and “right shark”, we are truly solidifying Americas cultural lead of not only our own cultural competitors, but the cultural leaders in the world. This is your president, signing out.

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Katy Perry: A Superstar center stage at the Super Bowl