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Say Their Names

A family slowly winds through the “Say Their Names” exhibit installed at Klyde Warren Park. Many attendees recorded their experiences on camera in Dallas, Texas. (Omar Morales / Xpress Magazine)

Photo story by Omar Morales

October 28, 2020

Hundreds of residents visited Klyde Warren Park in Dallas, Texas on Sept. 17 to honor the lives of Black people killed by racism. The “Say Their Names” memorial is a traveling installation that hopes “to encourage open dialogue while spreading a message of love, equality and compassion through...

Plant parents

Hannah Adams holds a shovel while standing alongside her vegetable garden project that she created during quarantine in Berkeley on Oct. 4, 2020. (Emily Curiel / Xpress Media)

During quarantine, Adams says that having plants helps with mental and physical health. “It has absolutely helped me out! Even outside of the pandemic, they provide me clean air, they provide me a sense of stability, something to nurture and love and take care of. I would say regarding my vegetable garden that I just started it was definitely a wonderful quarantine project to keep myself preoccupied and off my phone. And really spend time in solitude just with momma Earth.”

Photo story by Emily Curiel

October 26, 2020


Street artists unite the city during the pandemic

Diego Gomez stands in front of their mural holding a prop head of President Trump at Walgreens Pharmacy on 18th Street in San Francisco on Oct. 13, 2020. (Jun Ueda / Xpress Magazine)

Story by Rebecca Schupp and Photos by Jun Ueda & Rebecca Schupp

October 25, 2020

Art. It is all around us and there are many different ways of expressing it — whether it be visual or performance art. It is important to utilize creative muscles to create an escape as a form of therapy, especially during difficult times such as those we have faced this year. Something that emerge...

Health at home

Health at home

Story by Alyssa Brown and Photos by Eloise Kelsey

October 22, 2020

According to UNESCO, approximately 80% of the world’s student population is receiving an online education during the 2020 school year due to the pandemic. A survey conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that out of 50,000 employed before COVID-19, half are now working from home...

A journey to the walls of the de Young open

Artwork by Jocelyn Lee titled,

Story by Nia Coats and Scans of various artwork provided by Jocelyn Lee & Morgan Corbitt

October 21, 2020

Imagine playing monopoly and instead of landing on Boardwalk, the top hat lands on the most expensive San Francisco neighborhood — South of Market.  In this 406-acre district, the median income is nearly $200,000. The amount of money that a player would need to rent a 1-bedroom apartment is $72.12 per ...

Talk to me!

 “sunday morning’s parallel lives.” photo of Alexandra Levey, Olivia Reich and Hannah Sudaria by Eloise Kelsey.

Story by Sam Joson and Photos by Eloise Kelsey and Alexandra Levey

October 20, 2020

Since the beginning of lockdown in March, some SFSU students have moved out of the city and now live with their families while others quarantine with roommates, significant others or alone. With the combination of political unrest, an uncertain future and our new lives in lockdown, tensions can rise ...

First responders reflect on life-changing moment 19 years later

Jimmy Buckley’s truck, surrounded by debris, stood in front of the crumbling towers during theattacks on the World Trade Center. The truck was never found following the incident.

Story by Erica Gray

September 30, 2020

The day after two aircrafts flew into the World Trade Center, city officials in New York desperately called for any iron workers to help clean up the wreckage at ground zero. That same September morning, Jimmy Quinn, my uncle and hero, left his house in upstate New York with his hard hat and drove to ...

Digital stock trading goes vogue

Digital stock trading goes vogue

Story by Dan Dejesus

September 30, 2020

As the world continues to grapple with the pandemic, masks and hand sanitizer have become daily necessities in people’s lives. But owning stocks has also increased in popularity during the pandemic. New investors are looking to recoup their losses by making long-term investments or buying and selli...

Exploring the digital frontier of large-scale entertainment

Screenshot taken during a video call with Raymond Oppenheimer exploring video manipulation

Story by Christian Cabang

September 28, 2020

Capturing the emotional impact of a live performance through a small box on Zoom is a problem that worries the founder and artistic director of The Marsh Theater, Stephanie Weisman. The Marsh Theater in San Francisco provides varieties of live entertainment and is described as “a breeding ground for new...

“Would you like your lashes for here, or to go?”

“Would you like your lashes for here, or to go?”

Story by Nia Coats and Illustrations by Eloise Kelsey

September 28, 2020

Increasing revenue is one of the most important needs of a company. Finding new ways to sell products has always been about innovative business strategy.  Many times revenue is increased through the innovation of making products better and more accessible to consumers. One such revenue-making idea that incorporat...

Media Literacy for Revolution

Media Literacy for Revolution

Story by shaylyn martos and Video by Camille Cohen, Siobahn Eagen, Harika Maddala and shaylyn martos

September 21, 2020

Remember, if you will. September of 2019. A viral Facebook joke urged thousands to “Storm Area 51, They can’t stop all of us.” 30,000 people RSVP-ed online, and around 6,000 people traveled to the Nevada desert, according to a spokesperson. Some camped out for weeks. I sent plenty of “When I get my alien from Area-51” memes to frien...

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