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Giants’ World Series Trophy Tour to Stop at SF State

The three SF Giants trophy will be at SF State. Photo from the Giants Twitter
The three SF Giants trophy will be at SF State. Photo from the Giants Twitter

The trophies commemorating the San Francisco Giants’ World Series victories in 2010, 2012, and 2014 will visit SF State on Wednesday as part of an ongoing tour.

The Giants spent more than fifty seasons without winning Major League Baseball’s top prize after moving to San Francisco from New York in 1958. They finally brought a championship to San Francisco by beating the Texas Rangers four games to one in 2010. The team followed this up with a four-game sweep of the Detroit Tigers two years later. Last year, the Giants won the World Series, this time in seven games over the Kansas City Royals. Between San Francisco and New York, the Giants have won eight titles.

The World Series trophy is the only piece of championship hardware in the four major American professional sports leagues not named for a specific individual. Its official name, The Commissioner’s Trophy, sets it apart from the National Hockey League’s Stanley Cup, the National Basketball Association’s Larry O’Brien Trophy, and the National Football League’s Vince Lombardi Trophy. Tiffany & Co. builds a new trophy for each year’s top baseball team.

The San Francisco Giants World Championship Trophy Tour began on January 7th and will run through Opening Day at AT&T Park on April 13th. Most of the tour takes place in California, extending as far south as San Luis Obispo, though it will also make stops in Nevada, Oregon, and even New York.

All three trophies will be at SF State on February Four from 9:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m. in Jack Adams Hall. People will not be allowed to line up before 9:00 a.m. Each person may take one photo. Those in a group may either take separate pictures or one all together. A Giants representative may cut off the line early to ensure the trophies are able to leave on time and being in line during the scheduled time does not guarantee a chance to get a photo of them.

Former Power Ranger stabs and kills roommate with sword

Richard Medina Jr. Photo courtesy of Facebook.
Ricardo Medina Jr. Photo courtesy of Facebook.

It’s the end of a sad weekend for Power Ranger fans. Former red power ranger, Ricardo Medina Jr., famous for his role on Power Rangers Wild Force in 2002, has been arrested for allegedly stabbing and killing his roommate, Joshua Sutter, on Saturday afternoon in Palmdale, Calif.

The 36-year old reportedly got into an altercation with Sutter, grabbed a sword by the door, and killed the roommate with one swoop into his abdomen.

He then called the police, was arrested, and is now set with a $1 million bail.

Medina’s girlfriend happened to be in the house and witnessed the stabbing.

He is currently being held at the Palmdale Station Jail Facility, according to

Kitten Bowl invades your TV

Move over Patriots and Seahawks – there’s a new bowl in town and coming to your television screen today – and it might be the cutest one yet. Today marks the second annual kitten bowl on the Hallmark Channel. It aired at noon Eastern Time, but will be played again at noon and 3 p.m. West Coast Time.

Most people know about the Puppy Bowl, which has kittens who come on during the half-time as cheerleaders, but the Kitten Bowl is still a new concept.

The event itself was filmed in Thousand Oaks, Calif. at Lucy Pet Foundation. Last year, the Kitten Bowl had 72 participants. This year, it has 92. All kittens and cats shown in this kitten bowl are also guarenteed homes.

The bowl involves four teams – the Hallmark Channel Hearties, the Northpole Panthers, the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, and Good Witch Wildcats.

So if you want to watch kittens be adorable, or just want a break from all the football, swing over to the Hallmark channel if you have television service or take a look at Hallmark’s Kitten Bowl website.

Katy Perry: A Superstar center stage at the Super Bowl

With her eyes on the prize and with all the preparation in tow, Katy Perry will take the big stage this Super Bowl Sunday, calling it the “biggest event” of her career, according to an interview with Billboard Magazine.

Following the path of other half-time performers, like Bruno Mars, Madonna and Beyonce, Perry has a lot to live up to. So, is she nervous? Most definitely!

“Everyone has been asking me if I’m going to be nervous before the half-time show. I’m like, I’m f***ing human!” Perry said, according to her interview with Billboard Magazine.

So how does one prepare for the biggest performance in America? With the potential of over 100 million eyes watching, Perry has been preparing for game day for quite some time.

In early October when rumors of Perry’s possible performance at the bowl were swirling, Perry was already in the works of making football one of her “new favorite sport[s]”, according to a tweet she sent out during that time.

Perry posts on Twitter about watching football in the eve of the announcement that she will be performing at the half time show.

In attempt to become more of a football fan, Perry agreed to be a guest picker on ESPN’s “College GameDay”. According to an interview with The New York Times,  Lee Fitting, the senior coordinating producer of “College GameDay”, was completely blown away by Perry’s performance.

“When the show ended, everyone’s mouths were wide open. We were all thinking, ‘Wow, now that’s a professional entertainer.’ You can’t teach that. She just has it,” said Fitting to The New York Times

As many celebrities do, Perry has taken to social media to showcase the groundwork her and her team have put in for America’s most-watched act. 

Here’s how she prepared via her Instagram:

Perry pampers herself before Superbowl Sunday. Photo via Perry’s Instagram.

Perry began with a face mask, essentially a day at the spa, how I feel many other A-listers would prepare for an upcoming event.

Perry and Watt’s pose for the cover of ESPN’s Music Issue. Photo via Perry’s Instagram.

Perry and J.J Watt, defensive end for the Houston Texans, took the cover of ESPN’s Music Issue. Catch some behind the scenes photos via ESPN here.

Perry and her puppy attend a meeting for the “puppy bowl”. Photo via Perry’s Instagram.

Perry posted a very adorable photo of her and her puppy, Butters, on Instagram. Perry writes that they both were attending a “V [very] important puppy bowl meeting”.

Perry gets a pedicure that look like ten little footballs before she performs at the half time show at the 49th Superbowl. Photo via Perry’s Instagram.

Perry is no stranger to being wacky with her mani’s and pedi’s, so it’s expected that she would go all out for the Superbowl. She even wore a football inspired get-up to her Superbowl Press Conference, where she hints at details for the upcoming show. One detail including bringing guest Lenny Kravitz up on stage with her. Check it out here.

Perry poses for the cover of Billboard Magazine. Photo via Perry’s Instagram.

Two magazine covers in one month? To rise the hype even more, Perry poses for Billboard Magazine spilling her thoughts about the upcoming half time show. “I’m just selling my music to the broadest, widest audience ever,” said Perry to Billboard Magazine. Read the article in it’s entirety here.

Perry posts a photo from her cover shoot with Billboard Magazine. Photo via Perry’s Instagram.

On the Friday before Super Bowl Sunday, Perry posts another photo of her cover shoot with Billboard Magazine, making the her followers, and America, anxious.

With over 64 million Twitter followers, more than any other user on Twitter, Perry tweets out a photoshopped photo of her with the comment “Having a great rehearsal, hope everyone has a great Friday!!!”

Perry tweets out a photo of herself photoshopped on Twitter.

With Super Bowl Sunday upon us, we just have to sit back, munch down, and watch how Perry’s performance plays out.

Perry’s final words in the interview with Billboard Magazine rattle anticipation for the show even more, saying that, “This is the cherry on top of everything I’ve already done.”




Super Bowl snacking: Yes, we are gross.

Enjoy your pizza on Superbowl Sunday. Photo by wEndy/Creative Commons
Enjoy your pizza on Super Bowl Sunday. Photo by wEndy/Creative Commons


Super Bowl weekend is one of the hardest weekends of the year to try and eat healthy. So don’t.

I’m not saying fast food is the best dietary choice we could make. It’s just that there’s no use in trying to go all #detoxcleanselife on Super Bowl Sunday. Eating normal-sized portions might be the closest we can get. This is bigger than us!

Papa John’s is literally giving away free pizzas if the game goes into overtime, bacon grease and extra cheese goo included. Jack in the Box created a new “butter burger”, now available to the public with an option to “bacon and swiss” it. Really, they should have gone with a more accurate name, like “ Our new Paula Deen Burger…eat up, then cry!

Oh, and Carl’s Jr. is promoting its new natural burger…which, judging from the commercial, is about the size of an adult head. This all means two things: a) We’re in a America, and b) it’s Super Bowl time.

We can get a million toppings on our pizza. And we can fill the crusts with cheese and then add extra cheese on top and then probably have it deep fried. We have four-patty burgers at In-n-Out. We have shakes at Chick-fil-A ranking upwards of 700 calories.

Jack in the Box's new buttery jack. Photo provided by Jack in the Box
Jack in the Box’s new buttery jack. Photo provided by Jack in the Box

This fast food buffet is terrible, though sometimes delicious, and we absolutely shouldn’t be eating this stuff.

But, Super Bowl Sunday just isn’t the day to wage the war on obesity. It’s not the time to rise up righteously with our homemade kale chips and chia-seeded crackers. If we’re being real, we know the obesity problem in the U.S. has plenty other avenues we can fight through…like funding for public school lunches and nutrition education. Or regulation on the number of fast food locations in a single neighborhood.

It’s true, triple cheese pizza, buffalo wings, nachos and beer are probably some of the worst things we can consume as humans on the planet…excluding non-edible things like a Justin Beiber record or a four-hour class on cross-stitching. Unhealthy food is unhealthy – you’re damn right. I just think if you are the one bringing your gluten-free flax seed pita roll to the party, you are the worst and you need to stop. If you think Super Bowl Sunday snacking is awful and should be stopped, then don’t eat six slices of Papa John’s “Double Bacon 6 Cheese” pizza. Don’t eat 15 chicken wings. Don’t eat bacon-wrapped bacon! Super Bowl snacking is going to happen. Millions of pizzas will be ordered. Nachos will be wolfed down. beers guzzled, and the world will continue to revolve in its normal state. Save the healthier eating pitch for a day when most of the country isn’t surrounded by our own grossness in the form of bread, meat and cheese.

Just for today, leave your seaweed-wrapped celery at home. Don’t make it weird.

The Sound of Odd Numbers: Yvette Young

The final installment of a larger project
by Lorisa Salvatin

After being inspired by math rock bands like Tera Melos and American Football, San Jose-based singer songwriter Yvette Young has been using rhythmic tapping to create a melodic flow in her own music. The Bay Area has been a haven for developing her music, Young says, allowing her to grow among a diverse community of musicians and find her own unique sound in writing music.

Sounds like: This Town Needs Guns, American Football, Toe

Some bands/artists she likes: Terra Melos, The Mercury Program, Colour

Fun Facts:

  • Yvette plays guitar for the math rock band Covet.
  • She is a UCLA graduate with a B.F.A. in Art.
  • Yvette got the chance to play her original songs in Japan this past summer.

The Sound of Odd Numbers: Bobey

The second installment of a larger project
by Lorisa Salvatin

Layers of strange time signatures and bouncy melodies color the music of Brendan Page, known also as Bobey. Page said his move to San Francisco has allowed him to experience a multitude of different genres, with indie being the most influential in his music.

Label: None

Sounds like: Battles, Bernhard Wagner, The Mercury Program

Random Facts:

  • Bobey attends SF State and has played a number of shows at The Depot.
  • Like Tera Melos, Bobey also hails from Sacramento.
  • Page came up with the name Bobey, by combining David Bowie and Toby Froud’s name while watching Labyrinth with his friend.

Some bands/artists they like: Foals, Don Caballero, This Town Needs Guns

SF State gets a new ride

SF State's new shuttle bus. Photo by: Olympia Zampathas/Xpress Magazine
SF State’s new shuttle bus. Photo by: Olympia Zampathas/Xpress Magazine

SF State has announced that there is a new fleet of shuttle buses to take the place of its old fleet. The new grouping of vehicles are said to be better for the environment, faster boarding, and are roomier to boot. They’re nearly the size of a Muni bus typically used for the 28 line.

“Coming Monday: SF State will launch new fleet of shuttle buses with increased capacity with faster loading times that run on eco-friendly compressed natural gas,” stated SF State’s Facebook account on Thursday.

The ride to and from the campus mainly services the community from the Daly City BART Station to SF State and is still free to students.

Some commuters on campus Thursday were already able to ride in these new-fangled machines.

Judging from the comments and over 1,800 likes on the post since yesterday, it looks like the majority of students are excited to see this change to their commute.

Now we just need those student-discounted Clipper cards everyone was talking about two years ago.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Behind the Faces: Shawn Cox

Contributed by: Katie Lewellyn

Shawn Cox, also known as Sister Maddie ‘Bout You, is a thirty-seven year old California native. Born in Antioch California and raised in Oakley, Cox has never had the support he needed growing up as a gay man. He grew up believing that what his sexuality was wrong and something was wrong with him due to the influences that his family expressed about gay individuals. Cox believed himself to be a “dirty, filthy, freak.”

Photo by: Katie Lewellyn/Xpress Magazine
Photo by: Katie Lewellyn/Xpress Magazine

In 2008 at Pink Saturday, Cox met his first Sister of the Perpetual Indulgence. He said he was “horrified” at the sight of her but also fascinated with what she looked like and the drama behind her. In 2009 Cox met his second Sister and liked the attention that she was receiving. He thought that the Sisters were really cool and different and they interested him.

Cox became bored with the same everyday life he was living. He knew that the Sisters did good work and had fun doing it and decided to join their cause. To Cox, he never looked at a Sister and thought “drag queens”, instead he saw spiritual beings that were having fun.

Photo by: Kate Lewellyn/Xpress Magazine
Photo by: Kate Lewellyn/Xpress Magazine

Cox has been in the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for fifteen months and at first was extremely resistant to the idea of drag. Growing up in a sheltered Catholic family, Cox didn’t know where to begin when it came to the drag part. He decided to ask a female co-worker of his to go to Sephora with him to pick out makeup. Cox recalled walking around Sephora, mind you this was the Sephora on Powell Street, and shyly gesturing to the items he liked so his co-worker could grab them for him.

Cox said that the first time he put his makeup on he felt extremely self conscience, but then Cox began to build self confidence. Originally Cox had two separate identities, one being Shawn Cox and the other being Sister Maddie ‘Bout You, but Cox began to find out that his Sister self and personal self began to cross over and he didn’t mind it.

Photo by: Katie Lewellyn/ Xpress Magazine
Photo by: Katie Lewellyn/ Xpress Magazine

As Cox’s confidence began to raise, he started to enjoy being a Sister more and more. He would go to clothing stores with other Sister’s and at first hide in a corner to try on a dress they picked out and now Cox is confident enough to walk in a grab what he likes, regardless of what the people around him believe.

Cox says that he owes a lot to the support team the Sisters gave him. When starting out as a Sister, you are given a family and for Cox that included three big sisters and a mother. To Cox, this is his family. These were the people who helped him pick his Sister name and each Sister is specially incorporated into his Sister face.

Photo by: Katie Lewellyn/ Xpress Magazine
Photo by: Katie Lewellyn/ Xpress Magazine

To honor his family Cox incorporates a certain makeup style from them into his own look. This includes the wing eyeliner, the double eyebrows, the black lined lips, and the gold mark on Cox’s lips.

When deciding on his Sister name, Cox knew that Madelyn had to be somewhere in it since it was one of his favorite names. Originally he thought that Maddie-Lynn Cookies was the Sister name for him, he thought it worked since he loved the name Madelyn and was a big fan of cookies, but after announcing it to his fellow Sisters instead of receiving compliments on his name, he was faced with people rolling their eyes and many resting bitch faces. Cox said that there was “judgement everywhere” that day.

Photo by: Katie Lewellyn/ Xpress Magazine
Photo by: Katie Lewellyn/ Xpress Magazine

Sister Tilly, the Mistress of Novices, lent Cox a hand and recommended the name “Sister Maddie ‘Bout You”. Cox knew that was the name for him, still incorporating his favorite name but also some sass behind it.

Although the rules are strict for the initiates, Cox loves every minute of being a Sister. In becoming a Sister, Cox broke out of his shell, once being a shy, no eye contact, soft spoken person, to a man who is confident in himself and what he lives for. Cox is now outgoing and has grown as an individual, now knowing that he is not a “dirty, filthy, freak”.

What’s next for Cox? He is leading the Sister of Perpetual Indulgence’s portion of the Folsom Street Fair in 2015 and is looking forward to the many adventures that the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will give him.