Amazon Launches Handyman Service

Amazon launched a professional handyman business called Amazon Home Services last Monday.

It works through a simple three-step process on their website. You can start by browsing a multitude of services ranging from iPhone repair, car stereo installation, music lessons, and even goat grazing. You then add that service to your cart and pick a time that’s best for the person to come and feed your goats.

The pricing will be known upfront, similar to purchasing a product through their website, except that you will only pay for the service once it’s completed.

The services are provided by professionals in their respective fields and are selected via an invite-only condition by Amazon. So don’t expect to see your cousin who fixes old iPhones on Craigslist to be listed.

This news places Amazon among similar business-referral services such as Yelp or Angie’s List, according to Cnet. Amazon will also offer re-do’s or refunds in cases where the customer’s aren’t satisfied, and the service will provide reviews from verified customers to help shoppers choose, according to TechCrunch.

Boston-based handyman service TaskRabbit announced Monday that they will be integrating with Amazon Home Services in San Francisco as well as other areas in the following weeks.

Finally you can hire someone knowledgable enough to safely mount that flat-screen TV on your ceiling.



Source: Cnet