Bumgarner not a fan of DH for National League

Madison Bumgarner, Bay Area hero, San Francisco Giant’s pitching God, and hitting machine, spoke out against Washington Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer‘s complaint about the National League not having designated hitters, DH, for pitchers. Last Thursday Scherzer suffered from an injured thumb while batting, but it has always been a National League longstanding rule that pitchers hit.

“He knew the rules. Whatever much he signed for — what did he get, again? — he didn’t have a problem signing his name,” Bumgarner told ESPN. “He didn’t have a problem with hitting then. I’m sure he had his pick of anywhere he wanted to go.”

Bumgarner continued to say that pitchers can get injured in a number of ways, but that does not mean they need to run away from the thing that caused you injury. He added that he felt bad for Scherzer, saying he works his butt off when he is out pitching and the injury he sustained was unfortunate, but it does not call for a change in the rules.

The San Jose Mercury news reports that Bumgarner took Scherzer comment as if he was implying that pitchers could not hit. Bumgarner, who has six career home runs, two of those being grand slams, said that this is the way the game has to be played, regardless if someone gets injured in the batting box.

Tensions may seem higher for the National League to get a DH after Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright suffered a torn achilles after running from the batters box on Saturday. The injury cost Wainwright the rest of the 2015 season and the Cardinals one of their best pitchers.

Bumgarner ended with saying he doesn’t want to see the National League’s rules changed and appreciates the unique challenges it brings to players and managers of the National League.