SF State reveals new app for shuttles

Fleetmatics Revealed shows you where you bus is. Photo by: Tami Benedict/ Xpress Magazine
Fleetmatics Revealed shows you where your bus is. Photo by: Tami Benedict/ Xpress Magazine

The new buses that SF State revealed at the beginning of this semester were great. The new renovations included more room so that more students are able fit, on top of that, the new buses are a lot less smelly and weird compared to the 28 Muni that some take instead. With the additional space for more students, wait times for loading onto and off of the bus were significantly cut.

But it still happens. You’re waiting in line and the bus gets full, or you see it passing as you walk up to 19th Avenue. Then you end up wondering how long you will be waiting for the next bus to arrive.

SF State’s Wendy Bloom, director of campus planning and co-chair of the transportation committee, said that these new school buses have lessened the wait time to about 10 minutes… but how do we know for sure?

Today, SF State introduced a new app that will show you exactly where the new buses are and about how long the wait is for the next one to arrive. The app, Fleetmatics Revealed, shows both a live map and a “find nearest” bus whenever you open the app.

You can get the app on your smartphone by downloading the app, then using: userlogin:[email protected] Password:welcomesfsu to access the information on the SF State buses.

I haven’t had the opportunity to use the app yet, since it just came out today (plus I’m not on campus on Fridays), but I know I will be using it a lot when I am back on Monday.

For students who get out of class late, it’s nice knowing how far away the bus is, as well as how long you might be standing in the dark while it’s cold. Hopefully this app is more timely and factual than most Muni apps, because we all know those aren’t always 100 percent correct.