Beats N’ Stuff #1: rad remixes

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I’m Caty McCarthy, a 21-year-old student here at San Francisco State University (obviously). For the next few months, I’ll be blogging every other week about music I dig. I have a pretty broad taste in tunes, from J-Pop to Hip-Hop to K-Indie to Alternative, so I’m hoping that the miscellaneous themes I come up with for Soundcloud playlists entice you guys to keep on readin’ (and listenin’).

For this week’s theme, rad remixes, I picked out some eclectic remixes by artists I thoroughly enjoy, of other artists that I also happen to enjoy. Here’s a play-by-play for each track in this five-song playlist.

1.) “My Party (bo en Remix)” by Kero Kero Bonito

London-based/Japan-influenced musician and producer bo en remixed this cheery Kero Kero Bonito track “My Party,” but turned it down a notch. The resulting track is eerie yet simultaneously delightful, with modified deep vocals but upbeat breakdowns. The remixer, bo en, even inserting melodies from his own songs off his debut album pale machine (released in 2013, also the best album released that year) into the track. Bo en doesn’t simply remix, but he re-sculpts the track into one of his own, like a true artist.

Recommended if you like: Disney music on acid, samples of dogs barking

2.) “You & Me (Flume Remix)” by Disclosure

You know that “Latch” song? Yeah, I didn’t either until my co-workers played it about fifty times per shift at work. I initially dismissed Disclosure as radio EDM, until I discovered Flume and thus actually gave Disclosure a shot and realized, “hey, there’s some good electronic music that’s not French or Japanese out there.” Flume’s popular remix of Disclosure’s “You & Me” is totally rad, and has one of the coolest drops I’ve ever heard. (I can’t believe I just called a “drop” “cool.”)

Recommended if you like: Cool drops

3.) “放課後の約束 (☼ SUMMER BREEZE RMX. ☼)” by Meishi Smile

I’m a sucker for anime, and an underrated aspect of anime is definitely the music. Self described as “an eternal homage to the feeling of summer and youth taken by 2D form,” musician Meishi Smile creates melancholic pop music. In this remix of the ending theme for the anime Mysterious Girl X, Meishi twists the tune into a sunny, endearing pop anthem.

Recommended if you like: Drinking milk tea and talking about anime with friends

4.) “Synchrosynct” by Disasterpeace

Indie game developer Phil Fish’s 2012 game Fez was one of the best games of that year, and coincidentally, had one of the best accompanying game scores. The composer, Disasterpeace, later released a remix album of tracks from his score (FZ: Side F), where he himself also happened to remix some of his own tracks. Arguably, the best track on the original Fez score, “Synch,” is remixed here as “Synchrosynct.” “Synchrosynct” is an even more boppin’ track that would probably make even the grumpiest of Phil Fish haters tap their toes in approval (well, maybe not).

Recommended if you like: Listening to video game music outside of video games

5.) “Nightcall (Breakbot Remix)” by Kavinsky

“Nightcall,” also known as the song playing during the ultra-cool opening sequence of Nicholas Winding Refn’s Drive, is remixed here by fellow French electronic musician Breakbot. Breakbot gives the track a strong funky flavor, contrasting the original mix.

Recommended if you like: The thought of Ryan Gosling at a disco

Until next time, cheers!