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The student-run magazine of San Francisco State University

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The student-run magazine of San Francisco State University

Xpress Magazine

Yeida Elias Sandoval, a third-year student majoring in criminal justice with a minor inLatino studies and sociology, resumes her midterm preparation by consulting her notesafter a brief mental break, on oct. 31, 2023.(Feven Mamo/Xpress Magazine)
Mental Health During Projects and Exams
As midterms come to close, tired students prepare for finals
Lydia Perez, Staff Reporter • December 1, 2023

Students balancing school, work and personal life can create an impact on students' mental health. According to the research paper “Trends...

A crowd waves glow sticks during DJ Mandy’s set at the KSFS @ Jack Adams Hall Halloween show, which was co-hosted by The Depot, on Thursday, Oct. 26, 2023. (Andrew Fogel/Xpress Magazine)
Taking center stage
The Depot and KSFS collaborate to amplify SF State bands.
Sydney Williams, Staff Reporter • November 29, 2023

Eager fans stand in Halloween costumes. Holding foam light sticks, they wait around the stage in Jack Adams Hall, located at the top of the Cesar...

Surat Ebata, a freshman political science major from New Zealand, retrieves his passport fromhis apartment to use as identification. (Feven Mamo - Oct. 9, 2023 / Xpress Magazine)
Different country, different style
As international and exchange students come to SF State.
Lydia Perez, Staff Reporter • November 28, 2023

After applying to SF State, Surat Ebata, from New Zealand, was in on vacation in Australia when he got an email from the university. It was an...

 Rachele Lee (L), student of Metro, and Madhurya Gautam (R), tutor and mentor, sit in the Metro
tutoring room of the HSS building in between their classes on September 27, 2023. (Tam Vu / Xpress
SF State Increases Graduation Rates for underrepresented students
SF State is the only CSU to offer Metro, a specialized college success program
Amy Burke, Staff Reporter • November 27, 2023

The Metro College Success Program office, located on the third floor of the Health and Social Sciences building, is often buzzing with activity....

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay
Your Vote Matters
Significance of youth voter turnout
Faya Amé Beeldstroo, Staff Reporter • November 20, 2023

Nowadays, the younger generations have become more comfortable in speaking out and advocating for their political and social causes. Millennials...

As National Physician Latino Day approaches on Oct. 1, Viclarie Lozoya, a physiology major, sets up a table outside to advocate for students to join Latinas in STEM, an empowering science community that offers leadership and mentorship for college students. (Courtesy photo Viclarie Lozoya)
Latinas in STEM strive to create diversity in their field
Nadia Castro, Diversity Editor • November 15, 2023

A world where daughters of immigrants are forging paths into STEM despite cultural heritage and societal expectations is coming into reality....

Current third year student at SFSU and vintage reseller who specializes in women’s clothing from the ’50s through ’70s, Maya Schraeder looks at a vintage orange dress through a mirror atthe Alameda Flea Market in Alameda, California. (Ryo Kojima/Xpress Magazine)
The Upcycle
SF State students profit off the nostalgia market
Andrea Jiménez, Staff Reporter • November 13, 2023

Every first Sunday of the month, over 800 vintage and antique vendors set up shop in a former Alameda naval air station overlooking the San Francisco...

Gisselle Peñuela Solis poses for a portrait using her laptop, which has a sonny angelclimbing on the back, in between Burke hall and the fine arts building on Monday, October 2, 2023. (Andrew Fogel/Xpress Magazine)
Comfort in Cupid
Meet the cherub that’s giving Cupid a run for his money.
Giovanna Montoya, Staff Reporter • November 8, 2023

After an awful day at school, Gisselle Peñuela Solis was feeling frustrated and annoyed. Letting out an exasperated sigh, she decided to walk...

Chloe Little sits in their red rolling chair while they pose and hold their guitar in the corner of their bedroom studio, In San Francisco, Calif. on Thursday, Sept. 28, 2023. This is
the place where Little sits to record and produce their music. However, their space is also used for their poetry and art, the right corner of their desk is filled with piled up novels and composition books. (Leilani Xicotencatl/Xpress Magazine)
To Be an Artist
After graduating college, Chloe Little searches for their moment.
Div Lukic, Staff Reporter • November 6, 2023

Chloe Little sits on the edge of a red rolling chair in the corner of their bedroom studio, flanked by MIDI keyboards and audio cables. Beside...

Golden Gate Bridge from the view of the welcome center. 86 years since its opening and people continue to use and visit this bridge. (Isabella Minnis/Xpress Magazine)
Golden Gate’s Golden Years
SF State’s Tiburon campus helped in the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge
Isabella Minnis, Staff Reporter • November 1, 2023

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge officially opened to the public on May 27, 1937. After more than four years of construction, more than 200,000...

Tommy Netzband talks in front of the former home of cult leader Jim Jones
during his Haunted Haight Walking Tour in San Francisco, Calif. on Oct. 7, 2023. (Neal Wong/Xpress Magazine)
For The Thrill of It
The fall season brings thrill-seekers to spooky sights
Sydney Williams, Staff Reporter • October 30, 2023

Standing in the middle of Buena Vista Park, a small crowd listens to static transmitting from the small electromagnetic field transmitter. They...

Rudbeckia fulgida flowers are seen near Thornton Hall at SF
State on Aug 30, 2023. (Neal Wong/Xpress Magazine)
ASK XPRESS: What apps do you recommend for financing?
October 17, 2023

With the high cost of living students have to deal with because of inflation, it is sometimes hard to know how to deal with your financing. Here...

Left to right: Angie Ngo, Angela Wu, Joseph Badillo, and Gwen Northcutt play Pokémon GO at SF State on Sept. 13, 2023 (Neal Wong/Xpress Magazine)
Yes, People Still Play Pokémon GO
Gotta catch them all, Pokémon GO culture brings an interactive gaming community to SF State.
Daniela Perez, Engagement & Online Editor • October 11, 2023

Behind the Humanities building, right outside of Taza’s Smoothies and Wraps at SF State, stands an 8-foot-tall time-worn copper statue of a...

TD Triple OG, the original, he calls himself, poses for a photo with his various items he
sells at Dolores Park in San Francisco, California on September 2, 2023. (Ryo Kojima/Xpress Magazine)
Street Vendors’ Quest For A Permit
Street vendors are a common sight on the streets of San Francisco, although valid street vendor permits are a bit rarer.
Div Lukic, Staff Reporter • October 9, 2023

In the heart of the Mission, the surrounding streets are spotted with canopy tents and fold-out tables belonging to street vendors. T-shirts...

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