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The student-run magazine of San Francisco State University

Xpress Magazine

The student-run magazine of San Francisco State University

Xpress Magazine

The vodka section in Tony’s Market & Liquor located on 2751 24th St. in San Francisco’s Mission District on April 29, 2022. (Maximo Vazquez / Xpress Magazine)
Are San Franciscans Really Boycotting Russian Products?
Lorena Garibay, Staff Writer • May 13, 2022

  Anna Voloshyna sits down at her kitchen island countertop, and she readies herself to answer questions that’ll hit home for her —...

Passengers sit inside while muni passes the 19th Avenue station on Wednesday, April 27.  (Rashik Adhikari / Xpress Magazine)
Gator Pass Still Doesn't Cover all SF State Students — Here's Why
Emily Cardenas, Staff Writer • May 13, 2022

  Every day James Aguilar’s alarm blares at 6:30 a.m. A couple of snoozes later, he usually makes his way out of bed. He dresses warmly...

Lick Observatory’s 40-inch lens telescope building on April 29, 2022. Though 20 miles away from the closest source of light pollution, photos taken from atop Mt. Hamilton still must deal with the weather and the faint glow of distant San Jose. (Oliver Michelsen / Xpress Magazine)
Shooting for the Stars
Oliver Michelsen, Staff Writer • May 13, 2022

  Andy Macica caught his first picture of a supernova by accident. He shot Messier 51, what he refers to as either M51 or “the Whirlpool...

Bars and spikes placed on ledges in front of the windows of Combined Reality and Levy & Co. on the corner of Market St and Guerrero St in The Castro on May 8, 2022. (Garrett Isley / Xpress Magazine)
San Francisco’s Anti-Homeless Architecture
Garrett Isley, Staff Photographer • May 13, 2022

  Throughout San Francisco, there are partitioned benches, slanted seating, incongruous planters and spiked ledges. To those with a bed...

A photo of a person popping bubble wrap in front of a microphone on May 9, 2022. (Xpress Magazine / Paris Galarza)
Why do People Love ASMR?
Justine Brady, Staff Writer • May 13, 2022

  Long nails lightly tap against a microphone, the sound of cards shuffling as fingers slowly graze each card in the deck. These are...

Different styles of tamales pictured at La Espiga de Oro Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco’s Mission District on May 5, 2022. Although the restaurant specializes in Mexican cuisine, La Espiga de Oro also offers traditional Honduran and Guatemalan tamales. (Maximo Vazquez / Xpress Magazine)
Tamales Wrapped in Different Flags
Lorena Garibay, Staff Writer • May 13, 2022

  It’s 3:35 in the afternoon, and the smell of sweet bread and salsa combines as patrons of the Guatemalan panaderia, Eterna Primavera,...

A man walks his dog on Philosopher’s Way in John McLaren Park on May 6, 2022. This 2.7 mile trail provides its hikers with views of the bay and various neighborhoods in the city. (Garrett Isley / Xpress Magazine)
Three Lesser-Known Hiking Trails in the Bay Area
Anne Kristoff, Staff Writer • May 13, 2022

  As dust-like dirt lines the midsole of broken-in athletic shoes and the sun beams down across the vibrant green foliage, sweat begins...

A clean prep station in Pizza Amigos on May 8, 2022. (Abraham Fuentes / Xpress Magazine)
The Mystery Shrouding Ghost Kitchens
Albert Gregory, Managing Editor / Copy Editor • May 13, 2022

  On a narrow street in Oakland, tensions are simmering.    In what was once considered a quiet neighborhood, residents are awoken...

Student Residential Assistants Claim Poor Working Conditions
Student Residential Assistants Claim Poor Working Conditions
Cash Martinez, Social Media Editor • May 12, 2022

It was little things, at first.   Little things, said former resident assistant Tori Bell, that were part of a much bigger problem...

A photo illustration compiling excerpts from different sex education material throughout the 1900s and early 2000s and a photo by Mario Suriani from the Associated Press showing AIDS research advocates in the 1983 New York pride march. (Oliver Michelsen / Xpress Magazine)
The Search for Queer Sex Ed
Emily Cardenas, Staff Writer • May 13, 2022

  When Gordon Nipper had his first exposure to sex education, he was in the fifth grade. Even at the time, he didn’t feel that what...

Jaime Hiraishi, a partial owner of Wine Down SF, pours a glass behind the bar at the SoMa location on May 7, 2022. Whenever possible, the owners source “natural wines” and try to support other minority-owned businesses. (Morgan Ellis / Xpress Magazine)
Cheers to Women-Owned Bars
Caroline Raffetto and Anne Kristoff May 13, 2022

  Jaime Hiraishi stands behind the bar at Wine Down SF and peers out at customers toasting and enjoying a glass of wine during happy...

Photo illustration by Morgan Ellis. (Morgan Ellis / Xpress Magazine)
Forage for the Future
Justine Brady, Staff Writer • May 13, 2022

In less than a month, Heidi Herrman will reunite with the ocean tides along the Sonoma coast, waiting patiently for the receding water of early...

Alpha Acid Brewing Co. has food truck pop-ups every Thursday through Sunday, which allows their customers to grab a bite while they enjoy a beer in Belmont on May 8, 2022. (Bianca Heredia / Xpress Magazine)
Pop-up Culture — a Pandemic Trend on the Rise
Caroline Raffetto, Staff Writer • May 13, 2022

  Under a big white pop-up tent with string lights hung up inside and lively rock music playing in the background are foldable tables...

Photo illustration by Saskia Hatvany.
The Uncounted
Albert Serna Jr. and Albert Gregory May 2, 2022

  The last time Reverend Victor Floyd saw his friend Charles Davis, he was smiling.   Davis had spent much of the last 45...

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