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The student-run magazine of San Francisco State University

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The student-run magazine of San Francisco State University

Xpress Magazine

Yara Jeries, a marketing major, stares up at the ceiling inside her dorm at University Park North, one of SF State’s student housing complexes, on Thursday, April 6, 2023. Jeries has lived in this dorm since Fall 2022 and shares it with 2 other people. (Gina Castro / Xpress Magazine)
Now What?
The struggle for independence in early adulthood.
Caroline Van Zandt, Copy Editor • June 3, 2023

Yara Jeries has deadlines to meet. No, not homework due dates or upcoming tests. Not credit card bills or car insurance payments. She has international...

Houses stand behind the Corte Madera Creek in Greenbrae, Calif. on Monday, May 22, 2023. (Gina Castro / Xpress Magazine)
Seawater, Minus the Salt Please
With climate change and growing concerns over drought, can seawater come to the rescue?
Kamal Taj, Senior Reporter • May 27, 2023

From agriculture to personal use, water is a precious resource that is often taken for granted. Showers that could be 10 minutes become 30, and...

A person mounted on the edge of SF State’s Cesar Chavez Center Steps, on March 15, 2023. (Leilani Xicotencatl / Xpress Magazine)
Brutalist? Or Just Brutal to Look At?
A deep dive into SF State's concrete jungle.
Sarah Bowen, Online Editor • May 25, 2023

What’s the first thing visitors to SF State notice? The grassy quad? The flashy library? The long line at Quickly? The large number of concrete...

Young Democratic Socialists of America member Bethany Padilla holds a sign for a student housing protest at SF States Malcom X Plaza. (Leilani Xicotencatl / Golden Gate Xpress)
Where Did All the Students Go?
Colleges across the state are seeing a drastic decline in class enrollment following reopenings from the pandemic.
Ciara O'Kelley, Diversity Editor • May 23, 2023

Quieter quads, closed facilities, smaller classes with fewer sections. SF State students returning to campus after Covid have likely noticed...

Self-portrait of Leo Stillwell.
Love Letters from Leo
Decades after his death, Leo Stillwell’s legacy lives on through fine arts students.
Eian Gil, Editor in Chief • May 21, 2023

The nerves along one side of the young boy’s spine were severed, leaving a 12-inch scar on the small of his back. Living in pain and needing...

Kansas City Chiefs Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnulo, Tight Ends coach Tom Melvin and Head Coach Andy Reid celebrate their Super Bowl LIV victory over the San Francisco 49ers at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Fla. on Feb. 2, 2020. (Photo courtesy of the Kansas City Chiefs)
From SF State to Super Bowl
The journey of coaching duo Andy Reid and Tom Melvin.
Jack Davies • May 19, 2023

The football program sold hotdogs around campus for $1 apiece to help fund gas for roadtrips on the bus with a hole in the floor.  They didn’t...

Elsa Hernández observes the view of the city during her visit from her new job on Tuesday, March. 28, 2023. (Andy Damián Correa / Golden Gate Xpress)
The Moment of Truth
Elsa Hernandez graduated last year as a social worker but is now unable to find work in her field.
Andy Damián-Correa • May 17, 2023

27-year-old Elsa Hernandez, who graduated in 2022 with a Bachelor of Arts in social work from SF State, was dressed in black shorts and a blue...

Navid Mehdipour listens during the Q&A portion of Turning Point USA’s event featuring Riley Gaines at SF State on Thursday, April 6, 2023. Mehdipour is the president of the SF State chapter of Turning Point USA. (Miguel Francesco Carrion / Golden Gate Xpress)
The Turning Point USA Playbook
Since becoming a school-sanctioned student organization, TPUSA has garnered national attention by bringing divisive politics to campus.
Aiden Brady • May 16, 2023

SF State rarely makes national headlines. However, for a couple of weeks this spring, the often overlooked campus became the latest battleground...

Claire helps get the next group ready for their ride at Chaparral Ranch at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco CA., Saturday, April 22, 2023. (Chris Myers / Xpress Magazine)
Horsepower in the Park
Despite rising costs, enthusiasm for horse riding continues in these Bay Area ranches and stables.
Kamal Taj, Senior Reporter • May 15, 2023

On a crisp spring day, a breeze pushes through the high-reaching eucalyptus trees and fills the air with a sweet, earthy scent. People walk,...

A Cruise vehicle driving through Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California. The company is the only one that has approved by the CPUC for rides carrying passengers without a test driver . (Oliver Michelsen / Xpress Magazine)
Self-Driving City
Companies at the forefront of autonomous vehicle production continue to expand onto San Francisco streets with limited outside oversight.
Oliver Michelsen, Multimedia Editor • May 15, 2023

A Cruise vehicle with its hazards flashing slows and then comes to a stop, blocking the right lane as cars head east down Fulton. It’s dark,...

Tanya Ochoa demonstrates one of SF States best spots to take graduation photos: the Quad. (Daniel Hernandez / Xpress Magazine)
Capture the Moment
SF State's top spots for graduation pictures.
Daniel Hernandez, Design Editor • May 13, 2023

It has been four, or more, years since this year’s graduates dressed in deep purple and gold regalia started their educational journey’s...

Zitlali Ramirez measures Maddie Acinos upper body in the Burk Hall at SF State in San Francisco Calif., on Wednesday,  March 29, 2023. Her next steps are taking note of the new measurements and changing accordingly. (David Jones / Xpress Magazine)
SF State's Finest in Fashion
Four Apparel Design & Merchandising students share their vision and inspiration for the 2023 spring runway show.
Zackery Stehr, Managing Editor • May 10, 2023

Zitlali Ramirez walks into the J. Paul Leonard Library dressed in head-to-toe black: baggy bondage pants detailed with chains and white lace,...

Diane Platte leans against a bookshelf as she reads in the downstairs level of City Lights in San Francisco’s North Beach on March 17, 2023. (Tam Vu / Xpress Magazine)
The City Lights Legacy
City Lights Bookstore celebrates 70 years of literary rebellion and enduring legacy in San Francisco.
Nathan Hitchcock, Staff Writer • May 7, 2023

Stepping foot inside City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco’s historic North Beach area brings forward an indefinable feeling of comfort and...

Into the SF State-Verse
Aaron Levy-Wolins, Photo Editor • May 3, 2023

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